7 Things You Should Avoid Cleaning With Fabuloso

Incredibly popular on TikTok, Fabuloso has become a must-have cleaning product for anyone who loves to embrace their inner Mrs. Hinch. You've probably seen it splashed across your feed used in various hacks like putting a bottle in your toilet tank or creating a homemade car air freshener as demonstrated in this TikTok. Nevertheless, the cleaning product can't be used everywhere — some of the places you should never use it are your toilet, your oven, certain types of wood floor, and leather furniture. By using Fabuloso on the above items, you could be causing damage without even knowing it.

If you're wondering where Fabuloso can be used, it's approved for the majority of hard surfaces and in rooms like the bathroom, the kitchen, and even objects like your trash can. Its powerful formula is designed to cut through even tough stains, but it's exactly because of this formula that Fabuloso isn't suitable for all areas — here's everything you need to know about why you need to avoid using the product on various things and what to clean with instead.

Your toilet

One of the popular Fabuloso TikTok hacks (linked above) involves puncturing a hole in the bottom of a Fabuloso bottle and placing it in the tank of your toilet, with the idea being that the scent will be released each time you flush. However, unless you want to have the plumber on speed dial, it's best to avoid this hack entirely. Via Consumer Reports, expert plumber Nicholas Hotujec explained, "The plastic parts on fill valves and the rubber on flappers/seals get eaten away much faster when these cleaning chemicals are added. Your toilet may be a bit cleaner, but you'll be calling a plumber to come change the guts of the toilet a lot sooner than you think."

Nobody wants the expense of having to call out a plumber, but avoiding this hack doesn't mean your toilet can't smell nice. Instead of putting Fabuloso in your toilet, purchase toilet tablets. Not only do most brands help with stains, but tablets like this are designed to release a fresh smell after each toilet trip — no ruined toilet mechanics necessary.

Your laundry

Fabuloso's scent is one of the things people love about it. However, tempting as it may be, you should never put Fabuloso in the washing machine to freshen up your clothes. Firstly, Fabuloso recommends against this, so it's a non-starter from the beginning. Secondly, though the cleaner's lavender scent is one of its main selling points, it could be too abrasive if you or someone in your family is sensitive to smell — this is especially true if you don't mix it with detergent. It's one thing for your kitchen to smell like a garden in bloom, but another for all of your clothes to smell this way.

Additionally, the strong chemicals that make Fabuloso such a good cleaner could cause irritation to your skin, particularly for items that sit close to the skin like underwear and t-shirts. If you do want to get rid of tough stains, reach for a certified stain remover for clothes or pre-soak items before throwing them in the wash. Fabuloso may be a good cleaner, but it has no place near your garments.

Leather furniture

You may be tempted to use Fabuloso on your leather sofa or chair for a gleaming finish, but you should resist this temptation. The viral product is only cleared to work well on hard, non porous surfaces, which leather is not. Because of its porous nature, leather will absorb liquid, possibly leaving marks behind. Aside from this, Fabuloso is far too abrasive to be a good leather cleaner due to its ingredients. 

Sodium chloride (aka salt) will weaken leather, leaving it open to damage, whereas sodium hydroxide will cause leather to dry out and perhaps even crack, as will ethyl alcohol. Finally, hydrogen peroxide is okay when diluted, but by itself can bleach leather. Instead, try the following cleaning method for leather furniture. Mix vinegar with water in a one to one solution and apply to the leather with a clean cloth before wiping away gently. Repeat until clean. There are also special leather conditioning products available that will help give your furniture a smooth and buttery look without the risk of damage.

Your air fryer and oven

Air fryers are becoming increasingly more popular, and ovens are essential for any home cook. You may be wondering if an all-rounder like Fabuloso is okay to clean your appliances with. While using Fabuloso to clean either of these items isn't as bad as using it to clean leather furniture, you should still avoid doing it. The brand itself says that you should not heat the product, meaning safety is not guaranteed if you decide to do so. While both kitchen appliances do cool down, some people start the cleaning process while the appliances are still hot for easier removal of marks and stains. 

Depending on the material of your oven, Fabuloso could leave scratches behind. Plus, as with any cleaning product that isn't designed for a specific appliance, there's no guarantee that you can fully remove all traces when you're done cleaning. The leftover chemicals could then leech into anything you're cooking, which won't make for a meal that is good for your health or tastes nice. Stick to using the self-clean functions many appliances have built-in or buy a cleaner that's specifically recommended for your oven and your air fryer.

Stone tiles

Just like leather, natural marble and granite are porous materials, meaning there's no guarantee that they will react well to Fabuloso. While there are some exceptions to this, mainly countertops and floors made from imitation stone, we still recommend sticking to specialized cleaners. Generally, you should never use Fabuloso on natural stone floors. You may think that it will leave your floors with a nice gleam, but in fact it could penetrate the surface and have the potential to leave behind marks.

Depending on the type of floor you have, the best cleaning method will vary. However, a basic method that works well for marble floor and materials similar in texture is to simply use a microfiber mop, some clean water, and a microfiber cloth. This will keep your floor shiny while being super gentle, as microfiber won't scratch a natural surface. As for granite floor, you can use the same materials, but add a mild detergent to the water to create a mildly soapy solution.

Unsealed wood floor

Similarly, although Fabuloso is okay to use on sealed wood floor, you should avoid it if your wood flooring is unsealed. If you're unfamiliar with the term, unsealed wood floor refers to when the floor does not feature any sort of protective coating or sealant. Old houses with original flooring are more likely to have unsealed wooden floor than modern homes, but you should always check if you're unsure. Wood floor without a protective coating requires specialist care in order to keep it looking clean and undamaged.

Rather than Fabuloso, which could leave marks, scratches, and stains on an unsealed wood surface, reach for wood wax to give your floor a good shine. You can also use linseed, coconut, or jojoba oil for this purpose. Unlike sealed wood floor, unsealed floor will absorb any liquid you put on it. Much like if you saturate laminate flooring with water, unsealed floor will start to warp if it absorbs too much water. For general maintenance, vacuum regularly and mop with a damp (never wet) microfiber cloth.

You should also never mix Fabuloso with this one product

When cleaning, it's easy to lose track of which products you have used. Nevertheless, there are certain household chemicals you should never mix together, and putting bleach with Fabuloso is one of these pairings. When mixed, the two make a substance called chlorine gas, which can make you feel dizzy at best and cause damage to your eyes and lung health at worst.

To avoid this happening, do not use Fabuloso in areas where bleach has been used and make sure to always check what you're cleaning with and where you're putting it. If you do find yourself in a situation where the two products have interacted, don't panic. Open all windows in the room to help release some of the smell and remove yourself from the space as soon as possible so you don't inhale any more of the chlorine gas. By themselves, these substances will not create the above reactions if used properly, but it's important to exercise caution with any potent cleaning product.