HGTV's Jasmine Roth Dishes Out Helpful Tips That'll Make Laundry Day More Enjoyable

Are you staring at a laundry basket that's piled full of clothes? It's okay, we are too. While doing the laundry, which includes everything from washing clothes to putting them away, is a simple task, it can come with feelings of dread. In fact, it's no secret that this chore is one of the most hated house tasks, so making it "fun" seems impossible. That is, until we discovered Jasmine Roth's expert tips. Not only is this renovator and HGTV star full of stunning design concepts, but she also knows how to make laundry day (or week) more enjoyable with the simplest of hacks, from running a small load every day to completing a laundry room makeover with simple and inexpensive items.

Since laundry is a necessary task, finding ways to make washing your clothes and linens more enjoyable is important. Whether it's through finding a new routine that's scattered throughout the week instead of doing everything in one day or decorating the space, you'll find laundry to be more of a refreshing task by following these tips. This could help you be more productive and on-top of getting clothes from the dirty hamper back into the closet.

Putting Roth's tips into practice

Doing the laundry may seem like a no-brainer chore, but with Jasmine Roth's helpful tips, it becomes less of a burden. She knows how to hack the system by washing more than once a week. "If you don't mind running a small load a day (or every other day, depending on how much laundry you have in your household), it's worth it," she says on her website, Jasmine Roth. "That way it doesn't pile up!" Breaking down your laundry into clothes, towels, and bedding between the days of the week can keep you on a continuous laundry schedule that's easier to manage. To make the process even simpler, she also recommends using natural laundry detergent pods, since you can just throw them in with your clothes. Washing with cold water could also be beneficial, as you won't have to separate your lights from your darks.

Roth also has some tips for decorating your laundry room, which is important because it could improve your mood. "Even if you just hang a cute sign, or put all your pods in a pretty glass jar, or bring in a cool basket (that isn't plastic) to hold your folded laundry, doing laundry in a space you enjoy makes all the difference." Your home's decor has a direct impact on how you feel, whether you realize it or not. Both large and small spaces can be efficient and stylish laundry rooms instead of feeling cramped or cluttered.