Keep The Gap Between Your Stove And Countertop Clean With This Aluminum Foil Hack

That pesky gap between the stove and the countertop conceals a multitude of kitchen sins, from spilled spaghetti sauce to splashed bacon grease and kitchen toaster crumbs. Let's admit it — we've all swept a few crumbs into this crack instead of properly cleaning them up at least once in our lifetime. However, other times we just can't help it; the gap is so prominent and annoying that it seems like there's no way to keep crumbs from falling in. You could purchase appliance gap covers, but these can be pricey and may distract from the seamless look of your kitchen surfaces. Perhaps, as the saying goes, what we don't know won't hurt us, but crumbs, spills, and grease collecting behind your oven are hardly harmless. In fact, combined with the warm and dark oven environment, they're the perfect recipe for pests.

However, you don't have to pull your oven away from the wall every time you need to clean out the gunk. Instead, be proactive about your counter crack with a simple aluminum foil hack. Simply cut and fold a length of aluminum foil, slide it between the stove and the counter, and change it out when it has collected enough junk. Here's exactly how to create your own hidden catch-all gap basket. 

Fold, insert, and replace as needed

To put an end to your appliance gap woes, all you need is a handy roll of aluminum foil. Start by measuring the length of the gap between your stove and countertop, from the edge of the counter to the wall, then add about 4 inches for folding allowance. Tear a piece of aluminum foil in roughly the same length, then fold and crease the foil in half lengthwise to create a V-shape. Finally, fold and pinch around the edges to make something resembling a foil boat. 

To install the foil boat, slide it in the gap between the oven and the counter, close to the floor. The folded edges should reinforce the boat and keep it from crumpling as you push it back. You'll want to insert the foil far enough so that you can't notice it when standing in the kitchen but you can still pinch and pull it out when needed. The catch-all boat will do the rest! At least once per month, slide out the boat and empty any crumbs, and replace it with a new piece of aluminum foil when the old one has become too nasty. It's much easier to change out a little piece of foil than it is to move and clean behind your stove, meaning that you could save time and energy by following this simple tip. This hack can also work on the sides of the fridge, dishwasher, or any other gap-prone appliances.