The Best Way To Clean Behind Your Stove

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Just because you can't see the spill from last week's spaghetti night doesn't mean it's gone. That's why it's important to clean behind your stove now and again, but we know this can be intimidating and a scary task. If you aren't sure about the last time you cleaned beneath your oven, or if you know you never have, it's time to tackle this chore with the help of our guide to hopefully make this task feel a little more doable and less daunting. 

First, you'll need to pull your stove unit out from the wall. Be extremely cautious, especially if you have an electric stove — be sure to remove the appliance from the wall outlet by pulling on the actual plug itself, rather than the cord, which can cause damage, according to MakeSpace. If it's affixed to the wall, you may have to remove the clips and wriggle it out. 

Remove debris behind your stove

Before bringing out the sudsy stuff, you need to remove any dry, loose debris behind your stove. While you may not always reach for your vacuum in the kitchen, it is essential for tackling crumbs, pet hair, dirt, and so on. When you apply cleaner and water to these, it turns into cakey, debris mud, which is harder to remove and just icky. Always remember to work smarter, not harder. If you don't have a vacuum or can't reach it, A Mess Free Life recommends using a Swiffer duster. 

After this step, you'll need to put on a pair of work or cleaning gloves. You'll be working with harsh chemicals that can burn the skin if exposed because, as Instagram user GoCleanCo notes, the all-natural, vinegar-based stuff just won't cut it here. You need cleaning supplies that can cut through caked-on grease and stains while disinfecting the area. 

Cleaning supplies you can use

Cleaning kitchens can be demanding, partly because grease makes it harder to wipe surfaces down for an immaculate finish. Grease is sticky, trapping all of the ugly things in it, and it naturally repels water, so the first thing you'll need is a good degreaser. GoCleanCo on Instagram recommends using Mr. Clean to cut through the grease. Miss Mustard Seed suggests the classic S.O.S pads, a steel wool scrubbing pad filled with grease-fighting soap that only needs to be activated with water. But be warned, this can scratch walls. 

If you can't seem to scrub that stubborn marinara stain away, you don't need to get a bucket of paint out just yet. Abrasive cleaners like Bar Keeper's Friend (BFK) and Bon Ami gently buff away stains without peeling paint away, as noted by the Kitchn. You can use the powder or liquid forms of BKF, but the liquid form is a bit easier to work with, and you won't have to risk water leaking around your electrical outlets. Finally, make sure everything is dry before moving your stove back into place, and pat yourself on the back for doing the daunting task of cleaning behind your stove.