Use Jasmine Roth's Easy Trick To Effortlessly Open Up Space In A Small Bedroom

When working on interior design in a tight bedroom, we can always use new ideas to help maximize these small spaces. There are many simple design ideas that can make a small space seem bigger, including using mirrors, selecting lighter paint colors and carefully considering window treatments. A surprising tip from HGTV's Jasmine Roth goes in another direction, one that won't have you exerting too much effort or spending a ton of money. In fact, Roth says, all you have to do is ditch your closet door. 

A closet door in a small bedroom can make the space seem more closed off and sometimes, claustrophobic. Removing your closet door helps to open up the space by aiding in the proper flow of energy and making the area feel more expansive. With some inexpensive DIY effort, you can even turn your closet into a lovely focal point just like Roth did.

How to get this look in your own home

When redesigning a nursery for Huntington Beach, CA couple Jess and Rich, Jasmine Roth, host of "Help I Wrecked My House," sought to not only make the tiny room look bigger by removing the closet door but also infused a little charm into it by giving the closet a mini-makeover. "If I can put a little bit of pattern in there, maybe some color, I think it's going to make it stand out," Roth said in the "Four Weeks Until Baby" episode of the show. 

Roth actually did both. She chose to use wallpaper on the closet's interior that was deeper in color than the other colors in the room so that it really popped. The pattern that Roth chose opposed the adjacent wallpaper's pattern but still kept in line with the neutral palette of the room so that nothing clashed and everything blended seamlessly. This 26" x 132" floral block print wallpaper for $129 from Pottery Barn is very similar to the one Roth chose. To make this project super simple, choose a peel-and-stick wallpaper like this 24" x 144" roll for $126 from Etsy. All you'll have to do is clean your walls, measure, peel, and stick.