35 Small Bedroom Design Ideas To Make The Space Seem Bigger

Your bedroom should make you feel calm and cozy as it's the first thing you wake up to in the morning and the last thing you see before you fall asleep. Having a small one shouldn't prevent you from feeling the same effect. There are actually numerous benefits to living in a modest-sized space, according to The Spruce and Apartment Therapy. From effortless cleaning to cost efficiency, smaller spaces are becoming more and more attractive.

One thing that isn't appealing, however, is feeling as if the walls are closing in on you, especially in the room that should be your oasis and feel as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, there are an abundance of solutions to prevent this. In the following list, you'll find décor, furniture options, and even habits that will make any bedroom feel much bigger than it is. The cool part? Most of them involve slight tricks to the eye.

1. Paint walls a light color

It's fairly common knowledge that by painting a room in a lighter color, it will help make it look bigger in size. Bedroom walls don't have to be stark white, but anything from a pale gray to a pastel blue will help give the appearance of a larger space.

2. Paint trim an even lighter color

You might want to consider painting the trim, whether you have crown molding or a chair rail, a slightly lighter color than the walls. This can help deceive the eye and add depth to the bedroom.

3. Use striped paint or wallpaper

Similarly to striped clothing giving the illusion of a taller or wider body frame, striped walls can have the same effect on a room. By painting or wallpapering vertical or horizontal lines, you can elongate the bedroom in either direction.

4. Paint or wallpaper an accent wall

While most of the bedroom should be painted in a light shade, adding an accent wall can act as a visual distraction. Using a fun wallpaper print or unique paint shade on one side of the room is an inexpensive way to add interest to an otherwise small space.

5. Choose smaller prints

When choosing prints to decorate with, be careful of using substantial ones. Whether in the artwork, bedding or an area rug, opt for designs such as small polka dots, florals, and geometric patterns. Larger patterns may appear to overpower a small bedroom.

6. Pick a neutral color palette

Just like using neutral or light paint colors, decorating with a neutral color palette helps augment a space. Not only will the bedroom seem bigger with matching décor, it also makes decorating and swapping out seasonal items so much easier.

7. Decorate in a similar color palette

If you prefer color instead of neutral as your aesthetic, be sure to opt for similar palettes and keep to one or two. Too many color choices can make the bedroom look busy and, therefore, smaller. Complementary shades of pink with pops of green, for example, are subtle while still adding intrigue.

8. Capitalize on vertical wall space

Tall bookcases, ladders, or shelving units help draw the eye upwards, which can make a bedroom appear bigger. Not only that, they provide essential storage in an otherwise limited space.

9. Hang long curtains

Floor-to-ceiling curtains have a similar effect of attracting the eyes upward in a small bedroom. They can give a dramatic look while taking up limited space. Just be sure to choose light curtains, both in color and in fabric.

10. Consider no curtains at all

As an alternative, not installing curtains at all can allow natural light to flood the bedroom, making it appear larger than it is.

11. Hang a mirror or two

Speaking of light, hanging a mirror or two will let it reflect and bounce it into the room. The result? A space that looks lighter and brighter than it otherwise would.

12. Lean a large mirror

Another method of letting light in is to lean a sizable mirror, preferably near a window. Not only will it help to infuse more light into the room, it can also provide a full length mirror for outfit try-ons.

13. Hang a focal art piece

A statement piece of art also serves as a distraction in a good way. If you have a favorite canvas or wall décor, hang it in a spot that you'll immediately see upon entering the room. It will not only bring you joy but also serve as a conversation starter if giving a house tour.

14. Hang a statement lighting fixture

You can pair an art piece with a statement light fixture for an even greater effect. Think of a grand chandelier or bamboo pendant and yours or a guest's focus will immediately go up to it, making the bedroom feel instantly bigger.

15. Jump on the hat wall trend

You've most likely seen this trend taking over bedrooms on Pinterest and Instagram. It's a brilliant idea for two reasons. One, you add that visual interest that distracts the eye and two, it stores items that would normally take up space in another part of the bedroom.

16. Install sconces or hanging pendants

If you're working with a very small bedroom, one way to save space is by nixing traditional bedside lamps. Instead, install matching sconces or smaller hanging pendant lights. You may find this eliminates the need for bedside tables altogether.

17. Look for floating nightstands

If you still desire somewhere to place a phone or glass of water next to the bed but are cramped, try a floating nightstand or shelf. Simply keeping the floor clear of excess furniture will help make the bedroom feel bigger.

18. Choose multitasking furniture

Having less furniture in a small bedroom is a good idea in general. Look for pieces that are multitasking, such as a makeup vanity that doubles as a work from home desk or a bench that holds excess bedding or even shoes, replacing a shoe rack.

19. Incorporate a translucent piece

Adding a piece of acrylic furniture, such as a chair or a side table, can immediately make a bedroom seem bigger. While they function as intended, the eyes can look through them as if they're not even there and taking up space.

20. Use size appropriate furniture

Furniture that's too large for the bedroom will make it feel crowded and seem smaller than it is. Only use pieces that are to scale with the size of the room to let it breathe and look bigger.

21. Show off your furniture legs

Elevating your furniture off of the ground and showing its legs off helps keep the floor looking clear. More floor space equals what appears to be a bigger space. Choose bed frames, dressers, and nightstand that have slim, elongated and even tapered bases.

22. Or opt for low lying furniture

If the ceilings are short in a bedroom, you can make them appear higher by lowering the furniture. Use short platform beds sans box spring and horizontal instead of vertical dressers to create the illusion.

23. Create storage with an elevated bed

If the ceiling has some height to it, consider an elevated bed with storage drawers underneath. This will help it look proportional to the bedroom and also give much needed storage to house personal belongings such as off season pajamas or extra pillows.

24. Find a thin bed frame

Much like choosing size appropriate furniture, putting a thin bed frame in a small bedroom helps to keep it from overcrowding the space. A slim metal frame, especially in a light color, will keep the room looking larger than it is.

25. Tall headboard

It's probably pretty obvious by now that by drawing attention upwards by any means can make a room feel bigger than it is. A tall, looming headboard is no exception. Whether it's a delicate one or tufted if that's more your style, the higher it reaches, the better.

26. Avoid bulky bedding

Heavy linens can encumber a bedroom, making it feel closed in. Placing thin, lightweight bedding on a bed is the way to go over bulky blankets and pillows. Also, streamlining the color palette of bedding is another way to open up the space.

27. Center the bed if possible

It's tempting to place the bed against a wall in an attempt to save space in a small bedroom. This can have the opposite effect, though. Whenever possible, center it in the room and allow for at least a small gap on either side of the bed.

28. Play with rug placement

Strategically placing an area rug in a small bedroom can make all the difference. Try having one start halfway from the bed frame, allowing it to visually elongate the floor.

29. Keep the floors as clear as possible

Just like elevating furniture, keeping the floors as clear as possible will help the bedroom seem much bigger than it is. Having clutter accumulate anywhere can crowd a room, but the floors are especially noticeable upon entry.

30. Use a back of the door organizer

Whether it be a set of hooks or customizable organizer, using the back of the bedroom door can keep stray items contained. If things usually pile up on the floor, this is the perfect solution to prevent that. Simply closing or opening the door can keep them out of sight but within reach.

31. Create a boutique style garment rack

If you need more space for clothing and accessories but don't have room for a large armoire, try an open boutique style garment rack. The airyness of it will make the room seem bigger while providing storage. Be sure to keep it looking neat since it is out in the open.

32. Corral clutter on trays

This trick is good for a few reasons. To start, it limits the amount of stuff to the size of the tray. It also makes cleaning the surface you put it on an easier task. Finally, it adds a nice touch and makes the room look more pulled together. Again, less clutter enlarges a space.

33. Add visual interest but aim for minimal

While you don't want to overwhelm a small bedroom with too much décor, it's fine to infuse your sense of style into it. A black and white gallery wall, for example, adds a captivating visual to a space without inundating it.

34. Embrace a minimalist style in general

When working with a small home, minimalism is the way to go as it saves space and sanity. It's no different in a bedroom which should look and feel serene. The "less is more" style should be embraced to keep the room feeling as large as possible.

35. Keep the bedroom tidy

Overall, keeping a small bedroom neat and tidy is the key to making it seem bigger than it is. Get into the habit of cleaning up clutter on a daily basis and this will be a breeze to accomplish.