Our Only Problem With IKEA's ALEX Drawers Was Just Solved With This Great Hack

Ikea is known for its versatility, and there is no shortage of ways to use items from the popular retailer. For example, you can carry out an ALEX storage drawer hack, creating a desk with these cabinets and an Ikea countertop. Unfortunately, you may notice that your countertop slides around. But thanks to an inventive TikTok hack, you can keep it in place using Velcro. Since Ikea's KARLBY Countertop weighs about 85 pounds, it's important to secure it in place. Otherwise, you run the risk of an injury. 

There are many reasons to create your own bespoke desk instead of purchasing a premade one. Not only can you customize the colors, but you can choose a wide range of materials and wood choices. The ALEX Drawer Unit comes in three different colors — white, gray-turquoise, and black-brown — perfect for any color scheme. Once you construct your ideal desk, the only thing left to do is attach Velcro to secure it in place. Here's how. 

Install Velcro on your ALEX desk

In this helpful TikTok video, Velcro might be all you need to prevent your Ikeacountertop from sliding around your ALEX drawers. For this desk, @hardware_help_pcs used the 74-inch Ikea KARLBY Countertop in Oak. Although the exact amount of weight this Ikea countertop can hold is unknown, Ikea desks can hold between 88 and 110 pounds. This means that your DIY desk should also aim for no more than this weight limit, evenly distributing it across its surface. When you place heavy items on your desk just to keep its countertop from sliding, you're adding unnecessary pressure to it. But Velcro works to rectify this furniture issue. 

All you need to do is apply your Velcro between your countertop and your ALEX drawers. In the video, three to four pieces of Velcro were needed to secure each drawer in place. One drawback to Velcro is that your countertop may not be as securely attached to your drawers as you'd like, especially if you're concerned about safety. If this is the case, you can use the screws that come with the ALEX drawers, ensuring DIY desks are always firmly in place.