The DIY IKEA Bar Cart You Can Make For Under $50

Bar carts are an excellent — and functional — way of filling an empty wall in your kitchen or living room. They're perfect for holding all the supplies you need to make drinks for guests or yourself after a long day at work, like an ice bucket, your liquor of choice, and your favorite cocktail glass. Alternatively, coffee lovers have turned their bar carts into caffeine stations, fully stocked with a Nespresso machine, coffee pods, and flavored syrups set up to start their morning right. These unassuming pieces of storage furniture help keep everything organized while adding a decorative look to any room. Buying a bar cart from a retail store can be expensive; sometimes, the least expensive ones can be worth buying but are often lower in quality. Depending on materials and finishes, they can range between $250 to $1,250.

Instead of buying an overpriced bar cart or settling for a lower-quality style, you can DIY a bar cart for under $50 by opting to zhush up a utility cart from IKEA. TikTok user @fiorellabakeshop DIYed her own coffee bar cart by using IKEA's NISSAFORA black utility cart, which costs $29.99, and added gold detailing with a can of spray paint (you can purchase your own color for less than $10 from Walmart). Together, both items cost less than $40, a fantastic price for a DIY bar cart project. You can complete the DIY in one day, and it's suitable for any level of DIYer.

Steps for DIYing a bar cart

Once you have all the materials needed for the DIY project, set them up in a well-ventilated area like the garage or your backyard. Start by taking out all of the bar cart materials from the IKEA box and lay them out. Before assembling the cart, spray paint each cubby exterior with your chosen spray paint color. TikToker @fiorellabakeshop claimed she only spray painted the exterior, not the interior, but you can always spray paint the interior if you want everything the same color. Let the paint dry for a couple of hours. Once everything has completely dried, assemble the bar cart, carefully following IKEA's instructions. Finally, place the cart in the kitchen, living room, or another storage-needing space, and decorate your bar cart with all the items you need to make it your own.

If you already have a cocktail or coffee station in your kitchen that you're happy with, you can use your highly versatile bar cart to hold other kitchen necessities, like spices, grains, and other go-to cooking items. Place the cart in your bathroom to store toilet paper rolls, towels, and soap. Or, if you run out of places to put your plants, your bar cart is the perfect movable indoor garden that can add a little greenery to your living room or office. Try getting creative with your bar cart and find new ways to fill it to make your life easier.