Hide All Your Kitchen Appliances With TikTok's Brilliant Cabinet Hack

It's no surprise that Garrow Kedigian, the popular interior designer known for his gorgeous architecture-first approach to design, has a fabulous Paris apartment. But when showing off the dining and cooking area of his Parisian pied-à-terre to @housebeautiful on TikTok, Kedigian had some explaining to do — the space is gorgeous, but the oven and stove are conspicuously absent from his kitchenette layout. As it turns out, Kedigian's hideaway trick was delightfully simple: he installed his kitchen appliances inside the cabinetry. The oven is conveniently tucked behind a cabinet door, while the stovetop is hidden underneath a decorative tray on the countertop. Kedigian explains in the video, "People don't really use dining rooms these days, so I always love to make multi-use of my dining rooms, especially when I have a lot of entertaining going on." He goes on to describe how he can use the clever cabinet set up as a small kitchen to prepare a meal while his guests comfortably sit at the dining table. With this design, he gets all the convenience of a kitchenette without sacrificing the overall style of the dining room. 

This concept is ideal for folks with small kitchen and dining areas or for those who entertain frequently and want to have a small auxiliary cooking space in their dining room. If you want to make a statement with your dining room, you can easily use this hidden appliance strategy and create your own slice of Kedigian-inspired luxury.

Hiding appliances in cabinetry

To conceal his oven, Garrow Kedigian literally puts it inside the cabinet and installs a regular cabinet door in front of it. If you do this, it will give you a very chic, seamless look, but you should consider how you typically navigate your kitchen space before diving in and making the commitment. Any time your oven is in active use, that cabinet door will be staying open, which is likely fine as long as the kitchen area is wide enough that the open door doesn't block major foot traffic. This is true of Kidigian's layout, where guests will predominantly be seated on the opposite side of the dining room and wouldn't really be interacting with the cabinet kitchenette. However, if walking space is tight in your kitchen and you'll likely have people trying to walk through the room when entertaining, it might not be the best style for you. As for the stovetop, putting a tray on top is a brilliant and inexpensive idea that many people can do in their own homes. Just remember that you'll need a convenient place to keep the tray when you use the stove. 

To complete the look with your refrigerator and dishwasher, panel-ready appliances might be a good option for your kitchen. Panel-ready appliances allow you to put a custom panel on the appliance door that matches the rest of your cabinets. And with that final touch, you will have a gorgeous hideaway kitchen design.