Your Bathroom Shower Is All You Need To Remove Smelly Odors From Your Clothes. Here's How

Clothes can start to smell slightly off for several reasons, including being left in a humid closet for too long, being exposed to strong odors, or simply not being washed enough — but a shower is all you need to get your clothes back to smelling nice once again. The next time you notice an unpleasant odor, simply hang your articles of clothing in your bathroom when taking a hot shower. 

Perhaps you have left a shirt in the kitchen when cooking and now it reeks of grease, or that dress you planned to wear has a tinge of mustiness to it — whatever the issue, bringing your stinky clothes into the bathroom with you will banish any hint of a nasty smell. While washing your clothes is always best, sometimes you just don't have the time to put on a wash and dry cycle. However, you can avoid any panic-inducing situations entirely with this shower hack that acts as a two-in-one solution for making your clothes smell — and look — brand new.

Get rid of bad smells and annoying creases in one fell swoop

When you hop in the shower, hang the clothes that smell nearby. You can enjoy your shower as per usual with the added bonus of knowing your clothes will smell good as new when you get out. The way this hack works is that the steam in the air that occurs when you shower will be absorbed by your clothes, which will them loosen the fibers and dispel any odors. The best part is that steam will help to get wrinkles out, too. Your shower is basically a natural steamer and odor-repeller for those situations where you don't have time to wash or iron an item. Just be sure the water is hot, so you can actually produce adequate steam.

One caveat is that you'll have to be in the shower for at least 20 minutes to give the steam enough time to be absorbed. Moreover, although this hack is extremely handy when you're in a time crunch, it will just keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer, rather than cleaning them fully. You should still throw the item in the washer after you have worn it, as this hack is not substitute for a proper cleaning.

Other ways to eliminate odors quickly

If you don't have a shower, you could try replicating the odor-repelling effect of steam by taking a bath. However, baths don't produce as much steam as showers, so this hack unfortunately won't work as well. If you have already taken your shower, another way of removing odors quickly is to use hot air. Grab a hairdryer, a fan, or any item with a hot air function, and direct it at your garment for a few minutes.

This method works because the air blows away the odorous scent molecules within the fabric, much like fresh air does. This trick is actually better than fresh air due to the fact that hot air gets rid of odors quicker, so it's also handy in a time crunch. Not to mention, it's certainly a better alternative to hanging your clothes outside during bad weather. Above all, we recommend the steamy shower method for its dual purpose of removing odors and wrinkles.