Reuse An Empty Milk Jug To Make Paint Touch-Ups Even Easier

If you have ever tried to reach the top corner of a wall only to find you can't hold the paint tin, brush, and your balance all at the same time, you know it can feel like the most annoying thing in the world. Fortunately for you (and anyone who is around to witness your paint touch-up tantrums), there is a handy solution to this problem, and all it requires is an empty milk jug. By cutting out a section of the milk jug opposite the handle, you'll create a holder for your paintbrush at the top and a bucket for your paint on the bottom that can easily be held while painting.

Unlike special paint trays, a milk jug is a common everyday item you probably already have, meaning this DIY painting tip gets extra points for being sustainable and inexpensive. It's also super light, so you won't feel like it's weighing you down while you're painting. No longer will you need to take multiple trips up and down the ladder or have someone stand nearby to pass you things, as this easy trick will transform your touch-up paint sessions.

Single-handedly manage your paint and brush with ease

To carry out this paint hack, take an empty plastic milk jug and clean it thoroughly. Once it has fully dried, remove the lid and cut out a large portion of the side opposite the handle, leaving the bottom section intact to serve as a paint can. Pour the paint into the bottom section and insert your brush handle in the lid hole when not in use. This part may not work depending on the thickness of your paint brush handle, but you can always make the lid hole wider. 

When you're painting, you can either use the handle to hold the milk jug yourself or prop it on the top of your ladder. After you've finished painting, pour any leftover paint back into the tin (over a sheet, as it will be a little tricky to transfer) and clean out the milk jug again so it's ready to be reused or recycled. That's it! This hack is extremely simple to achieve, even for the most DIY-averse, and is guaranteed to make touching up those pesky corners less of a chore.