The Correct Lawn Mowing Order Has TikTok Divided

You wouldn't think that lawn mowing techniques would be the thing to get TikTok viewers riled up, but a grass war seems to be breaking out on the site about what is the proper way — and correct order — to mow and edge your lawn. Not only are the video-makers divided on their approaches, but commenters are chiming in on what is quite the heated topic.

The debate seems to stem around whether to mow or edge your lawn first, and people have strong opinions one way or the other. Which, as one of the primary posters @TheLawnDad notes in his video, "I just recently found out this was a heated topic." Forget about "Star Wars." Apparently the time of Garden Wars is upon us.

The different camps are clearly represented by two passionate lawn guys — @TheLawnDad for Team Edge First and @mowtime_teeham for Team Mow First. @TheLawnDad says the correct lawn mowing order is to trim the edges first, then blow the trimmed debris onto the lawn, which will get mulched in when you cut the grass with your mower. He feels that if you do the edging after mowing, you'll be blowing the edge cuttings onto your newly mowed lawn. A final blow after mowing clears away what's left over. But, looking at the video, you can see that when the mower is driven over the pavement through the cuttings, clippings get smeared across the driveway.

Mow first to save time on overall yard maintenance

Landscape professional @mowtime_teeham has a different opinion. In response to one user asking what order he prefers to use on properties he services, @mowtime_teeham responded that he cuts first to minimize the amount of time to work on the whole yard. He does note that you could cut first and then blow the trimmings into the yard to be cut up when mowing — as @TheLawnDad and Team Edge First suggest. But, since he can mow fairly close to trees and other things in the yard — even the house — by mowing first, he decreases the amount of trimming he actually has to do, which he feels can be significantly more time-consuming.

@mowtime_teeham does admit if a yard is really overgrown, he'll trim and edge first, but only in that circumstance. By mowing as much as you can first, he feels you spend less time on the maintenance of your yard in general.

Turns out, commenters have mowing opinions

TikTok viewers are very divided on the correct mowing order, with each video racking up comments supporting its method on the right way to mow. While the majority seem to be on Team Edge First, a number of other professionals support Team Mow First. One viewer pointed out that once the mower hits the edges, they don't stay as defined and pristine as in @TheLawnDad's video.

Some also questioned what Team Mow First would do with the clippings after edging – whether they'd blow them into the yard or have to clean them up. Most, in general, just had lawn envy for the precision of the yard work that both men do. One user noted, "Omg I so badly want my yard to look like this. My budget is $7." Another concurred, noting, "There's putting greens that would turn their heads in shame at that lawn! Looks outstanding."

But, as user @Joshua C. points out, whatever method you use, it's really just about keeping your yard looking good. "I live on 5 acres of old farm land I mowe (SIC) and weed eat then have a beer. I don't care as long as it's all cut."