The Stylish Embroidery Hoop Bird Feeder You Can Do Yourself

Birds are often one of the most welcome visitors to our yard. Keeping them fed, watered, and providing shelter are some of the key criteria in keeping them coming back from year to year. While you can drop money on expensive bird feeders at home retailers and hardware stores to attract birds to your yard, sometimes the best options for keeping these beautiful creatures near our homes are the simplest. YouTube's Little Conversations recently showed audiences an amazing DIY that creates a large hanging birdfeeder with old embroidery hoops. The result is a multilevel hanging feeder that can accommodate many birds at once. 

Unless you are into embroidery as a hobby, you may pass by these cool and crafty elements when you spot them. They can often find them in thrift stores, flea markets, and garage or estate sales, where they are sometimes sold in affordable bunches for only a few dollars. They come in various sizes from large to small, perfect for upcycling into other cool projects that require a round wooden frame. The multi-level feeder is perfect for busy areas in which many birds gather at the same time, allowing each visitor their own space as they feed. Since the hoops are smaller in size, they often attract smaller birds to dine and deter bully birds or squirrels that may be causing problems.

Creating an embroidery hoop feeder

You will need a selection of embroidery hoops,  some yarn or twine, a length of rope, glue, and small plastic condiment takeout cups. You will also need wooden sticks, dowels, or small cut branches the same width as your hoops to form the perches. To create your hanging embroidery hoop birdfeeder, begin by laying out your hoops in their desired configuration from top to bottom vertically. Use an adhesive like wood glue or E-6000 to join the hoops together in a line, carefully wrapping the joints with jute twine or wool yarn to further secure them together. Use a piece of rope attached to the top to create your hanger and a loop for the hook or nail. Glue your wood pieces or sticks to the sides of the hoops to form the cross-beam perches. 

After they have dried and are secure, use a dab of glue on the bottom of the condiment cups, affixing them in the middle of the wood sticks or dowels. Simply fill those small cups with birdseed and your feeder is ready to hang.  To attract more birds, who often love shining things, add some glittering ribbon or other shiny element to the sides of the feeder.