Bring A Vintage Feel To Your Tree This Year With Magnolia's Holiday Ornament Collection

Year after year, the holiday season transports us back to the past with family traditions, old memories with loved ones, and the childlike feeling of magic in the air. Because of this, there's no better time to give in to that spirit of nostalgia than the holidays. Magnolia, the home décor and lifestyle brand founded by Chip and Joanna Gaines, released the perfect collection of ornaments to get you into that sentimental mood.

Chip and Joanna Gaines founded Magnolia back in 2003, and after gaining quite a bit of fame hosting their HGTV show "Fixer Upper," the pair decided to branch out and create the Magnolia Network. After sharing their unique, farmhouse-chic style with the masses through their transformations on television, they also began giving fans the chance to enjoy a touch of Magnolia in their homes through their online store. Now, the store sells everything from furniture to apparel, so it's no surprise that it is dropping a collection of ornaments that could transform your tree into a cozy and vintage centerpiece — even if the décor you purchase is brand-new.

Campfire Cocoa Mug Ornament

Hot cocoa is a Christmastime staple, which makes this Campfire Cocoa Mug Ornament an instant classic. The ornament is made out of glass, includes a classic splatter pattern, and features a delicious-looking topping of marshmallows to complete the decadent look. As an added bonus, the simple black, white, and brown color palette ensures that it will blend with just about any décor theme, even if you're going for a more non-traditional color scheme like black and white.

The Campfire Cocoa Mug Ornament is available for purchase on Magnolia's website for $18.

Blueberry Waffle Ornament

The holiday season is the best time of the year to enjoy decadent sweet treats like candies and cookies, but this ornament honors a different sugary tradition: Christmas morning breakfast. This Blueberry Waffle Ornament is made out of glass that's molded into the classic round waffle shape, and it includes toppings of melting butter and blueberries to get your mouth watering. It's also dusted with a generous coating of glittery "sugar" to add an extra dose of shine, meaning it'll be even more eye-catching when paired with glistening lights on the tree.

You can purchase the Blueberry Waffle Ornament on Magnolia's website for $24.

French Baguette Ornament

When you think of Christmas, it's likely that the North Pole or Bethlehem is the first location that comes to mind, but this ornament will give your tree a distinctly-Parisian vibe. Magnolia's French Baguette Ornament features a metallic gold glass piece in the shape of the well-loved bread, along with an adorable brown paper bag around the base. This makes it appear as if you just picked it up fresh from the "boulangerie." Use it as a reminder of your recent French vacation or simply as a shoutout to the baker in the family.

Purchase the French Baguette Ornament on Magnolia's website for $10.

Sparkling Strawberry Ornament

Strawberries are primarily a summer fruit, but their vibrant red and green color scheme makes them the perfect choice for a holiday ornament, especially if your family has a special connection to them or needs a bit of a sunny boost in the depths of the chilly season. This Sparkling Strawberry Ornament from Magnolia is made out of vibrant-colored glass. It also includes a generous coating of green and white glitter on the leaves and seeds to up the sparkle factor and allow it to stand out on your tree.

Shop for the Sparkling Strawberry Ornament on Magnolia's website for $14.

Kitchen Utensils in Crock Ornament

Cooking is one of the most popular ways to bond around the holiday season, and this Kitchen Utensils in Crock Ornament acts as a great representation of all of those fond memories made in the kitchen. Unlike most of the other ornaments in this collection, this one is made out of resin rather than glass, so it's a bit more durable if you have pets or kids that tend to bump and shake the tree while running around.

Magnolia's Kitchen Utensils in Crock Ornament is available on the retailer's website for $16.

Magnolia Silos Vintage Glass Ornament

If you're familiar with Magnolia's myriad of business ventures, you've likely seen the original building that this Silos Vintage Glass Ornament is based off of. The company owns a piece of land in Waco, Texas called the Shops at the Silos that includes two decommissioned silos as well as six cottage-style shops that sell everything from stationery to bath and body products. This glass ornament is a representation of the property, of course decorated with festive lights and trees for the holiday season.

The Magnolia Silos Vintage Glass Ornament can be purchased on Magnolia's website for $16.

Antiqued Brass Bell Ornament

Chip and Joanna Gaines' modern farmhouse style is all about combining rustic flair with a more modern aesthetic, and Magnolia's Antiqued Brass Bell Ornament is the perfect example of that. It's made out of steel that has been treated to look like aged brass and even includes a functional clapper to help ring in the season. Just be cautious of this purchase if you have young kids in the house, as an occasional ring is delightful, but the noise can quickly become a nuisance when placed in curious hands.

Find the Antiqued Brass Bell Ornament on the Magnolia website for $8.

Magnolia Campfire Mug Ornament

If you like the Campfire Cocoa Mug Ornament from Magnolia's ornament drop this season but would rather choose something a bit more durable, consider the Campfire Mug Ornament. It's made out of painted ceramic instead of glass and modeled after the retailer's popular souvenir mug that features the Magnolia Market + Garden Logo. The ornament version, however, has been shrunken down to about 2 inches tall to better fit on a Christmas tree and not weigh down the branches, so it might be a bit too tiny to use for your morning coffee.

For $8, you can buy the Magnolia Campfire Mug Ornament on Magnolia's website.

Linzer Cookie Ornament

This Magnolia collection has no shortage of yummy treats to display on your tree, and this Linzer Cookie Ornament might be the most delicious-looking of them all. This glass ornament mimics the design of the classic Austrian pastry with golden-scalloped edges, a heart-shaped cutout full of jam, and a generous dusting of glittery sugar to finish everything off. Nothing compares to sinking your teeth into the sugary treat itself, but decorating your tree with it might just be the second best thing.

The Linzer Cookie Ornament is available for purchase on Magnolia's website for $14.

Kitchen Mixer Ornament

A stand mixer is an essential piece of equipment for any baker, regardless of if they're a novice or a professional, and this Kitchen Mixer Ornament is the perfect addition to a baker's tree. This particular iteration is made out of vibrant and ultra-reflective red and silver metallic glass. It also features plenty of red, silver, and blue glitter to bring even more shimmer to the small details on the tool, like the speed control and metal pieces.

Magnolia's Kitchen Mixer Ornament is available on the retailer's website for $20.

Candy Wrapper Striped Ornament

The other sweet treats in this ornament collection have been more heavily focused on baked goods like bread and cookies, but this Candy Wrapper Striped Ornament showcases a classic candy wrapper shape that comes with a nostalgic feel. Candy-style ornaments are by no means new, especially as "The Nutcracker" continues to be a popular story and ballet each holiday season. Though not extremely unique, this option made out of ultra-shiny silver glass with red stripes and a bit of glitter detailing throughout is equal parts striking and sentimental.

The Candy Wrapper Striped Ornament can be found on Magnolia's website for $8.

Magnolia Press To-Go Cup Ornament

Chip and Joanna Gaines' business ventures are primarily related to home décor, interior design, and house flipping, but they've also dipped their toes into the food and drink space with the Magnolia Press Coffee Company. This shiny glass To-Go Cup Ornament is an homage to the business that the couple has created in Waco, Texas, but it can also act as a souvenir to commemorate a trip to the Magnolia Market or as a shoutout to any devoted coffee lover in your life.

You can purchase the Magnolia Press To-Go Cup Ornament from Magnolia's website for $22.