The Kitchen Feature That Will Make Sweeping Your Floors Fun

Because of how much cleaning is needed in the kitchen, you might find yourself constantly sweeping and mopping the floors. Things fall and spill on the ground as we prepare meals, and it seems like there is always something that needs to be cleaned up. One feature that can make this chore more fun and more efficient is an under-cabinet vacuum, also known as a built-in vacuum or toe kick vac.

An under-cabinet vacuum serves as a companion to the broom and streamlines the cleaning process by making it easier to clear dirt from the floor. Instead of using a dustpan afterward, you can just activate the vacuum to clear away the dirt you gather. It is a convenient, space-saving solution and you won't have to worry about any dust being left behind. To add this feature to your kitchen, you'll need to get the right vacuum unit and find a spot that's spacious enough for it.

An under-cabinet vacuum in your kitchen

When it comes to under-cabinet vacuums, you can get central vacuum systems and standalone under-cabinet vacuums. A central vacuum system requires more extensive installation since it works for the whole building and you need to create an under-cabinet opening that connects to it. A DIY standalone unit is more straightforward to install and set up. One popular unit that you can install yourself is the $195 Sweepovac from Home Depot. It has a slim, sleek, structure, is easy to install, and comes with reusable bags. It also has a hose and attachment so you can use it like a regular vacuum.

Some other under-cabinet vacuum brands are VacPan, CanSweep, and VacPort, some of which have unique additional features like LED lights that shine from the opening or vertical back pipes that make it easier to fit into a building structure. In addition, if you are a fan of smart home technology, another cool feature that you can add yourself is voice activation, as seen in the TikTok above. All you need is a smart outlet for your unit that can connect to your home digital assistant.