HGTV's Jenn Todryk Explains The Easiest Fix For A Broken Lamp

We've all been there — a favorite lamp isn't working, and the thought of repairs or learning to rewire it sounds pricey and daunting. Discarding it isn't your preferred option either, but a lamp that doesn't illuminate your home is just a waste of space. If you're not looking to become a master electrician overnight, Jenn Todryk is here to save the day with a clever DIY project that will revive your less-than-luminary lamp. All you need is a puck light, some scissors, and a surface to display your piece. By inserting the puck light where the bulb would usually sit, you can make your lamp work without the need for electricity. 

If you love to thrift, this trick will also keep you from hesitating when you see a statement piece that you aren't sure will actually work — because it doesn't need to! Even if one of your existing lamps kicks the bucket, placing the puck light inside your lampshade will provide the same effect as a working one. This project is also a quarter of the cost than getting your lamp professionally repaired, making it a great way to create a cozy home while saving money.

How to ensure your lamp looks good as new

In order to nail this project, start by snipping off the cord with a pair of scissors. Not only does this make the lamp easier to move and shift, but it also gets rid of unnecessary attachments that serve no purpose and could snag on something. Make sure the cord is unplugged before snipping; even though the lamp is broken, there's no need to risk a shock while removing the tail. You can safely dispose of the cord once it's cut, and make sure to snip as close as you can to where it connects to the lamp so no spare wires hang out. Grab your puck light, balance it on top of the metal prongs inside the lampshade, and you're done!

Because puck lights are battery-operated, they make a great substitute for an actual bulb and will allow you to turn on your lamp with a remote. Make sure to place the lamp somewhere where it won't get bumped or knocked a lot, as this could cause the puck light to wobble or tip off its perch (which is still okay because you can just pop it back on). This clever renovation is great for adding a little light into your kitchen with a small table lamp, since you won't have an irritating cord to deal with.