'80s Decor Trends That Are Making A Major Comeback

Opting for retro décor is a contemporary fad that is more than just a little fabulous. Whether you're into thrifting original objects or like to pick up modern versions of items that are inspired by past decades, you can fill your home with treasures that make it look like you've traveled back in time to a truly en-mode abode. Of course, you may want to choose a specific timeframe and try to stick with pieces from that period. Although you could always opt for the '60s or '70s, Nicole Hunt, product development manager at furniture brand Article, told The Kit, "We're seeing classic '80s decor making a comeback in a big way."

If that piques your style-loving interest, then you may want to jump on this chic throwback trend. That might involve embracing retro furniture and décor accents that are both nostalgic and totally trendy, according to Hunt. She offered some on-point examples, saying, "A modern spin on the curved sofa has made the most notable resurgence. People are taking more fashion and decorating risks and expressing their personality through their clothing and furniture, which lends itself so well to modern '80s design."

Granted, choosing to focus on '80s décor is just the first step. Next, it's time for the fun part. That means picking out which era-appropriate pieces will suit your particular home.

Gold accents

The '80s certainly didn't shy away from luxurious touches, and that included gold — or at least gold-plated — décor. On top of that, these touches tended to lean toward a maximalist aesthetic, which means that more is better. Don't hesitate to snap up a dining room table with gold-colored legs, living room curtains with gold-thread embroidery, and sculptural pieces that are, yes, gold. You could also opt for shades of gold fabric and even gold paint on your walls if you're feeling really bold and want to take this trend to the stylish extreme.

Ruffled pieces

While ruffles were a popular addition to prom and wedding dresses back in the old-school days, not to mention blouses and skirts, they also made their way into the designs of stylish décor. You can embrace the same aesthetic with the help of ruffles on your curtains and around the skirt of a couch. That's not to mention a ruffled tablecloth in your dining room and even decorative towels that boast a few extra frills in your bathroom. In your bedroom, you can opt for a blanket with ruffles as well as pillows and a bed skirt.

Mauve-based style

If you want to give your home some hints of color that hail back to the '80s, then you can't go wrong with mauve. A soft purple shade that is more lilac than burgundy, it has a touch of a pink undertone. When it comes to using mauve in your abode, it could be the main color that you center the style around, meaning that it could be the hue that you choose for your couch, carpet, curtains, or even wall paint. On the other hand, it could be used for just a few complementary accents.

Black and white items

Although you could always opt for a retro style that leans toward a warm and cozy feeling, you might prefer a somewhat sleek and even modish vibe instead. In that case, you should consider focusing on items that are black and white. The perfect combo for (what was then) contemporary pieces, it's also ideal for the art deco-ish items that were popular just a few decades ago and are now making a comeback with other '80s décor. If you don't know where to start, pick out a black-and-white lamp, curtains, or pillow.

Abstract art

Abstract art has been around for countless generations; however, it hit the mainstream in the 1900s and has continued to surge in popularity since. That includes in the '80s when it was a must-have in chic homes. Whether it's an interpretive piece that embraces bold shapes or an emotional work that is meant to evoke a strong reaction from anyone who sees it, there are various kinds of abstract art that may catch your eye. In your home, you might want to consider one or two larger pieces that make a statement or a gallery wall of mixed work.

Brass pieces

If gold isn't quite your style, but you still want to add some impressive touches to your space, then you might lean more towards brass. Another metal that's both classic and classy, it was a popular choice in the '80s, which is why it's a trendy option once again. When incorporating brass into your home décor, you can opt for furniture with brass accents or stick with ornamental brass pieces such as small sculptures, candlestick holders, and vases. You can keep the vibe going with brass doorknobs and light fixtures.

Curvy furniture

Furniture in the '80s often had a playful side, which is one of the reasons why it deserves such an enthusiastic comeback. That includes leaving sharp edges and straight lines behind and embracing something much softer. Imagine couches with curved edges in your living room, peacock chairs with swirling details around your kitchen table, and a perfectly circular bed to chill out on at night. You can add to the aesthetic with a rounded ottoman, a circular coffee table, and plenty of spherical pillows that are more than just a little puffy.

Brown colors

Brown colors in home décor may have been passé in the recent past; however, these days, they suit the retro vibe that so many people adore. It's a shade that also works with an earthy aesthetic and boho chic look. If you're intrigued by the idea of brown walls, you might want to consider a deep chocolate shade or one with a light sandy hue. For rugs, furniture, and accessories, they can be any tone of brown that suits your style. That's not to mention wood details that could be anything from oak to mahogany.

Marble accents

A stunning marble coffee table with matching side tables would be a dreamy addition to any home that has a style inspired by the '80s. The same can be said for marble accents, fixtures, and decorative pieces. You could also use the stone as the basis for an entire room, such as a bathroom with a marble sink, marble tub, and marble tiles. Of course, marble can be a little pricey at times, especially if you want to opt for larger pieces. That's when relatively affordable faux marble and marble-like finishes come into play.

Mirrored walls

If you've never considered putting mirrored walls up in your abode, then this is the sign you need to not only think about it but also make it a reality. Granted, you'll want to decide what type of mirror suits your taste. Along with a typical mirror, you could also pick out mirrors with a smoky surface, a rosy tinge, or a blue hue. On top of that, you could have etched mirrors that offer an extra artistic touch. Along with the vintage vibe, the mirrors will also make the room look bigger.

Macramé creations

If you had the chance to visit a home in the '80s that was owned by a stylish friend, there's a good chance that you would have spotted at least one piece of macramé, if not an entire selection of the ropey artistic pieces. You can have the same kind of funky creations in your adobe that range from relatively simple plant holders to larger, purely decorative wall pieces. Although you can always make them yourself if you're rather crafty, you can also purchase macramé from artists near and far.