Here's How Your Old Candle Holder Can Encourage More Birds To Visit Your Yard

If you are wondering what to do with an old or vintage candle holder, you might be surprised that they can be repurposed into adorable birdfeeders as an easy DIY project. Thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets are often overflowing with a variety of candle holders, including ornate wall sconces and elaborately wrought pillar holders. While the style of the holders as popular home accents may have come and gone, they still are an excellent chance to create a feeder that will attract feathered friends to your yard. With a candle holder, adhesive, bird seed, and some other materials, you can create a sweet feeder in your yard that accommodates several birds at once, making it a welcome spot for them to dine.

Even better, if you already have the holder, this brilliant hack costs almost nothing and is super easy to create, providing an excellent alternative to more expensive store-bought feeders. Use your own holders or hit up the thrift store to make several of these stylish bird feeders that will provide endless enjoyment and attract more birds to your yard.

Creating a birdfeeder from candle holders

TikTok user @sowhappy shows off how she takes a wrought iron wall-hanging candle holder and repurposes it with little modification into a feeder by simply removing the existing candles and adding birdseed instead. The iron loops and scrolls are perfect for birds to alight upon while they eat, while the cups are small enough to prevent squirrels from bullying birds away from the food. Another great option is to repurpose a hanging lantern into a feeder by adding a small receptacle to the bottom for seed. 

Not limited to wall sconces, you can also create a great feeder with pillar candle holders. Hammer down the point in the flat spot for the candle and use an adhesive like GOOP or E-6000 to glue a plate or small serving dish to the top of the holder, then fill with seed. You can easily flip old dishware, like a floral teacup or saucer, for a fun English garden-style feeder. Add a bright coat of paint to the candle holder for a pop of color, which will draw some birds with their vivid shade.