9 Ways To Incorporate Cinnamon Sticks Into Your Home Decor

As soon as the weather cools, it's time for cinnamon. Cinnamon makes an impact, whether in a pumpkin spice drink or a seasonal room fragrance. Decorating with cinnamon sticks is an exciting and fragrant way to celebrate all the way from the beginning of fall to the end of winter. The sticks are well-suited for festive crafts and DIY projects because they have a natural wood-like appearance and warm scent that spreads far. To help you incorporate this fragrant decoration into your home, we've listed nine easy ways to decorate with the natural item below.

Cinnamon is a bark-derived spice that's considered to be seasonal, and it is most widely available from September to January. This versatile design element shines in seasonal and holiday decor pieces like candles and garlands. Creating your own festive decor is a rewarding experience that allows you to showcase your creative side. Children can also enjoy the fun, as many of these ideas are kid-friendly. So, whether you're celebrating fall or preparing for the winter holidays, consider incorporating this fragrant spice into your home decor.

1. Decorate a pillar candle

You can upgrade any plain pillar candle by adding cinnamon sticks and a few other materials. To get started, gather enough sticks to surround the pillar so that there aren't any gaps. Gluing the cinnamon to each other will help them stay together. Alternatively, you can use a heat gun to lightly melt the sides of the candle, push the sticks into the sides, and let the wax dry. After the cinnamon is in place, wrap lace or yarn around the outside of your creation. Decorate further with star anise, pine cones, or other natural elements.

2. Hang natural ornaments

Eco-friendly DIY Christmas ornaments pay tribute to the beauty of nature. Cinnamon ornaments look great and smell even better. Hanging cinnamon sticks and other natural materials like orange slices will make you feel like you're celebrating the holidays in a fanciful forest. You can use twine or jute to hang the cinnamon in its unaltered form. Or, build shapes with the sticks similarly to what you might do with Popsicle sticks. 

3. Design a seasonal floral display

Floral displays are a classic way to celebrate the change in seasons, and incorporating cinnamon sticks can take your seasonal flower bouquet up a notch. Cinnamon's bark-like appearance makes it blend well with a variety of flowers. Deep red poinsettias, crisp white jasmine, and cedar branches are some of the many fall and winter stems that pair well with the rustic and natural look of cinnamon sticks. 

4. Make a wreath

There are several wreath designs that you can make with cinnamon sticks. They look great when incorporated into a premade tree branch wreath and complement other decorations like cranberries, mistletoe, faux birds, and ribbons. Cinnamon sticks are also sturdy enough to be the main structural component of a wreath. So, you can create a design consisting completely of sticks, similar to wreaths made of twigs. Also, like twigs, cinnamon sticks can be painted, glued together, and decorated with other natural elements like string.

5. Create yarn pumpkins

Cinnamon stick pumpkins are easy to make and exceptionally cute. Wrap twine a few dozen times around a flat piece of cardboard that matches the intended height of your pumpkin. Thread another piece of twine horizontally between the wrapped twine and cardboard. Then, carefully slide the loops off the cardboard. Before tying the small piece of twine together, add your cinnamon stick to the middle and spread the rings out to get the full pumpkin look. Finally, hot glue your cinnamon stick in place and a fabric leaf to the top of the pumpkin. Consider using spray adhesive to help the twine keep its shape.

6. String cinnamon, cranberry, and orange slice garland

If you've got oranges, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, string, and something to make holes, you've got the materials for an impressive and eco-friendly seasonal garland. To assemble, begin by drying out your fruits. Then, punch holes in the center of the orange slices and cranberries. Lastly, create a pattern and thread your string through the fruits and cinnamon sticks. For a wintery look, incorporate tree branches, which can be glued to the string between the fruits and cinnamon sticks.

7. Make cinnamon stick tree wall art

If you want to create seasonal decor with limited space, you should make festive wall art. A cinnamon stick tree on canvas will add charm to the space without crowding a full sideboard or table. You can be as inventive as you'd like, as there are several ways to make a cinnamon stick tree. You can use rows of sticks only or tie fabric strips around a singular cinnamon stick trunk. Use wrapping paper or other festive craft paper behind the tree for a holiday-inspired background.

8. Put together a rustic centerpiece

There are many structures you can build with cinnamon sticks. They hold up well when glued together and are easily assembled into a shape much like any other craft stick. A cinnamon log house with an open roof is a beginner-friendly craft that can hold flowers or usable items like napkins. Additionally, you can add the sticks to the outside of a premade centerpiece like a vase or bowl. Consider utilizing cinnamon sticks like small pieces of wood for numerous possibilities. Taking on this DIY is one way to create a gorgeous fall centerpiece on a budget.

9. Get festive with cinnamon stars

Cinnamon stars are a fun seasonal craft that can easily be done with children. There are multiple ways to make a cinnamon star, from the traditional five-point star to a more radial design that resembles star anise. You'll need enough sticks, some glue, and string to make the star patterns. Use paint, glitter, ribbon, and other accouterments to decorate the star, and add a loop at the top to transform it into a hangable ornament.