Reuse This Bathroom Staple To Easily Clean Your Water And Ice Dispenser

When performing your regular cleaning tasks, it's easy to overlook some of the hidden areas around the home. For example, the undersides of items may get neglected, since you can't see the dust that's inevitably collecting. As long as once every month or so you perform a thorough deep cleaning of your space, this shouldn't be an issue. You may wipe down the front of your fridge every week, but at least once every couple of months you should also empty and wipe down the interior to mop up any spills, smells, or stains. And if your refrigerator comes with a water and ice dispenser, that has to be cleaned as well. This might sound hard to do, considering the dispenser's mechanism is usually kept just out of sight. However, with an old toothbrush from your bathroom and a tried-and-true non-toxic cleaning solution, you can tackle the hard-to-reach but potentially germ-infested spot.

It's recommended that you replace your toothbrush every three months, as the bristles typically become too bent to adequately clean the various knicks and crevices in your teeth. However, these toothbrushes still have a lot of use, as there are dozens of ways to clean with a toothbrush around the house. It's better to use them on intricate scrubbing tasks around your space, as this will get every last ounce of functionality out of them before tossing them in the trash.

A toothbrush is an ideal cleaning utensil

An old toothbrush is the perfect scrubbing tool for this part of your kitchen, as the bristles can reach up into small spaces where germs are likely residing and eradicate them from the space. If you have an electric toothbrush that still powers up, even better. This will amp up the scrubbing power you can bring to your chores, which is especially useful in grimy corners and grooves. However, whether your scrubbing is done manually or electronically, it's important to periodically get into this small area, since it has a big potential to spread bacteria through your household.

While your refrigerator ice and water dispenser has the potential to house invisible grime like harmful bacteria, it can accumulate a lot of visible grime as well. Hard water stains, rust, and plain old dust can all build up around this mechanism, and an old toothbrush has the size and maneuverability to reach into very small spaces and tight corners. It's also a great way to cut down on cleaning costs and household waste, as you're using a personal utensil you've had to replace anyway and would otherwise simply throw away.

Cleaning your fridge's ice and water dispenser

To thoroughly and effectively clean your ice and water dispenser, dip an old toothbrush in some vinegar and then scrub all along the edges and the inside rim of the dispenser. You can also soak paper towels in vinegar and secure them in the dispenser cavity and tiny water spout for a few minutes. This should dislodge any build-up that has accumulated since your last cleaning. Then, the toothbrush will simply sweep it away. Run the dispenser briefly when finished to rinse away any residual vinegar, and you're done.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if your water supply is still connected as you start to clean, you could end up frustratingly doused with the stuff. Shut off the supply before beginning so as not to waste water or make an unnecessary mess. After you've scrubbed all the grooves and crevices with the toothbrush, wipe down the larger surfaces with a clean cloth dipped in your vinegar solution before turning your water line back on. Make a point to clean your ice and water dispenser every time you change the fridge's water filter (usually once every three or six months), and your ice and water should taste crisp and clean every time.