Turn A Simple Dollar Tree Baking Sheet Into A Handy Spice Rack

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Do you have old baking sheets you're tempted to recycle? Before you do this, consider using them to transform your spice rack into something sleek, stylish, and effortlessly organized. Even if you don't have old metal cookie trays, you can create a custom spice rack with a Dollar Tree baking sheet, some magnets, and metal tins, thanks to an incredible TikTok hack shared by @jessicalynndiy. You'll also need a power drill for this amazing DIY project, as your bespoke project gets installed into your cabinet shelving. 

Since the majority of spices come in small containers, they quickly clutter cabinets. This leaves an abundance of unused space above your spices, but this incredible hack solves this problem — and for a modest price. You can buy metal tins on Amazon for $8.99. Metal containers are also excellent if you purchase spices in bulk or simply want to store your pantry items in anything but plastic. These tins clean easily, and they won't react with any of your herbs and flavorings. You also don't have to worry about metal tins breaking, unlike glass containers. Here's how you can have custom-organized cabinet storage in no time.

Attach magnets to a metal baking sheet

Before beginning this amazing TikTok hack, you should clean your baking sheets. If they're grimy, it can affect how your magnets perform. The same goes for new trays. After removing any plastic adhesive, you can quickly clean your baking sheet with a magic eraser. Once you've done this, use a power drill to create holes in the handles of your baking tray. You just need one centered hole on either side so you can attach your cookie sheet to your shelf. As you embark upon a project like this, it's advisable to use a drill bit coated with titanium nitride, as they're durable and ideal for drilling various metals. Next, line the inside of your steel cookie sheet with magnets. You can buy magnets on Amazon for $10.99, keeping this hack affordable. They come with an adhesive backing, so they won't slide out of place as you install your new spice rack. 

Next, use your power drill to attach your baking sheet beneath your cabinet shelf. Then, all that's left to do is transfer your spices to mental tins, labeling them clearly. They'll slide on and off your custom spice rack with ease, freeing up much-needed space. Keep in mind that this hack modifies your cabinets to an extent, so if you're a renter, always check with your landlord before altering your home. Although you can easily remove this spice rack, you don't want to risk losing a portion of your security deposit.