13 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Front Door For Thanksgiving This Year

Close to half of all Americans say that fall is their favorite season, and about 1 in 4 Americans say that Halloween is their favorite holiday, according to a poll by CBS News. With so many fun and whimsical home décor options, who could blame them? But as the winter holidays draw nearer, it can feel sad to tuck away the witches, skeletons, and ghouls until next year. Luckily, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to break out those traditional, homey, and natural fall décor pieces and brainstorm about the upcoming holiday trends! Because Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends gather together at one person's home, the front door is very important for making a good impression on your guests. 

If you're staring at a bare front door and wondering how to decorate for Thanksgiving, we've got you covered. From charming flint corn swags to neutral layered rugs and bright apple wreaths, here are some clever and creative front door decorating ideas that will wow your guests through Thanksgiving. 

1. Classic earthy florals

Fall and Halloween décor typically feature more bright colors and obvious motifs, but as fall fades into winter, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reach for more earthy, muted hues. A simple, dark wreath and matching garland above the door gives this wooden entryway a warm and cozy touch. 

2. Precious polka dot pumpkin

Thanksgiving décor doesn't always have to be natural and boring. Pick up a polka dot pumpkin door hanger or DIY your own to give your front door a cute and quirky feeling. If you love the dots, you can even transform old porch pumpkins by dotting them with craft paint!  

3. Double apple split

A double wreath idea is the perfect décor solution if you have French doors leading into your home. Red is one of 2023's trendiest colors in fashion and home design, so two juicy red apple wreaths are sure to earn praise from the whole neighborhood, especially when balanced with symmetrical potted crotons. For a holiday that centers itself around delicious food, you can't go wrong when you decorate with fruit!

4. Stunning mum harvest

Chrysanthemums are a fall staple, and there's no better place to show them off than the entryway to your home. This beautiful doorway features a brown floral wreath that blends in with the deep natural wood, grounding the whole arrangement with a cozy vibe that makes you want to step inside. 

5. Friendly farmhouse faces

Scarecrows are a great transitional motif between Halloween and Thanksgiving, so greet your guests at Thanksgiving with smiling scarecrows around your front door! This beautiful farm-like porch also features cornstalks around the posts, wheelbarrow motifs, harvest pumpkins, and farmhouse buckets with fresh mums. The flint corn cob wreath ties everything together flawlessly.

6. Simple turkey theme

You truly can't go wrong with turkey décor at Thanksgiving. This charming doorway has a simple "Happy Thanksgiving" wicker wreath with pumpkins and a turkey. The theme follows through with a turkey doormat and a cute turkey character to greet guests as they arrive. The cozy fall seating area also provides a great place for guests to enjoy some fresh air on the big day.

7. Modern metallics and grays

The earthy metallic tones in this autumn wreath bring an edge of modern glamour to an otherwise safe and traditional color palette. Plus, the shimmery colors of the wreath match the golden kick plate on the door without fighting it. Wooden lanterns warm up the space, and the layered doormat brings a touch of trendy red. 

8. Blushing welcome

While they may not be the first colors you think of, mauve and pink can be great, unexpected colors to use in your Thanksgiving décor. Because they feel especially soft and welcoming, these rosey shades are perfect for distinguishing between the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. This front doorway features a fresh green wreath with pink velvet pumpkins and matching chrysanthemums.

9. Soothing sage tones

When the weather is getting cold and gloomy, it can be refreshing to keep things light and bright around your doorway. This entryway incorporates pale pumpkins, sage, and eucalyptus leaves, which can be a calming break from all the holiday clutter and chaos. Plus, if you can't hang a wreath on the door or hate the constant windy clatter, hanging it beside the door is a brilliant solution!

10. Vibrant tunnel entrance

If your home has a recessed little doorway, consider turning it into a grand floral tunnel for Thanksgiving. This black door looks stunning surrounded by the best and brightest autumn hues, including oranges, pinks, and vermillion reds. The pine cones tucked within the florals provide dimension and breaks in texture, while the simple quail feather wreath draws you inward with a soft touch.

11. Soft organic grains

Soft neutrals are always in style, and they're a safe yet luxurious choice for Thanksgiving doorway decorations. These double doors have twin wheatgrass wreaths with long embroidered ribbons and notes of sage green. Layered rugs set the stage for white pumpkins and impressive arrangements with tan leaves and white flowers — the perfect clean and soft backdrop for family photos!

12. Seasonal door swag

A beautiful swag is always a creative alternative to the standard fall wreath — and they're much easier to DIY yourself! This door swag has a mixture of autumn leaves, wheat grass, and flint corn with eye-catching colors that contrast brilliantly with the door behind it. Add a few real pumpkins and a vintage wooden trunk, and you've got a colorful and welcoming doorway for Thanksgiving.

13. Magical mulberry tones

When it comes to Thanksgiving décor, most people reach for shades of orange, brown, and yellow, but a rich mulberry tone may be just the thing to make your front door look unique and understated. This lovely porch has neutral pumpkins and lanterns leading up to a deep, jewel-tone wreath on the door. The addition of two faux purple trees in baskets is an ingenious touch that ties the whole space together.