The Simplest Way To Elevate Your Rug Decor According To HGTV's Jasmine Roth

Rugs as décor pieces manage to cover many functions at once. They provide a soft, cozy surface, help protect the floor from wearing out, and can absorb sounds in a room. They can also be used to create zones, all while adding style and character to wherever they are placed. For Jasmine Roth, layering multiple rugs together is a nice, final touch when you're done decorating.

As she offers tips on how to make a space feel finished, Jasmine Roth highlights some important elements. "Having various colors and textures in a space make[s] it feel very finished and really welcoming," she says (via YouTube). When you go beyond picking out the must-haves of a space like the furniture, you get into the nice-to-haves, which is where your tastes can really shine. Adding decorative touches like throws and rugs brings a space to life because it means it is ready to be used and enjoyed.

Elevate your rug décor with layering

One way Jasmine Roth likes to add color and texture is by layering rugs. "The simplest way to do it is just put one right on top of the other. You can offset them, you can kind of layer them so they create a pathway," she says in the YouTube clip. The expert way to layer rugs is to choose contrasting textures, sizes, and prints. There's no one way to organize them — just make sure they look good together.

"Have various sizes of pattern and texture. You don't want everything to be super little tiny prints because it's going to feel really busy. But if you have everything that's just solid colors, it's going to feel really boring," she explains (via YouTube). Jasmine Roth recommends striking a balance so there isn't too much of one thing and so you can keep it interesting without venturing into chaos. This looks like combining a large print and small print, a solid color and a busy print, or a strong texture and something more plain. Jute rugs are commonly used as bottom layers because their neutrality works with virtually any fun rug that you might want to showcase on top.