Keep Your Shower Caddy From Falling Down With TikTok's Brilliant Hack

Shower caddies work wonders, especially for small walk-in showers that have limited storage space to keep your shampoo, condition, body scrub, shaving cream, and body wash bottles handy. However, the issue with some shower caddies is the rubber clips that are supposed to keep them in place. They slip and slide down the showerhead pipe, causing shampoo and conditioner bottles to fall out or bump your head. Instead of having to re-position the clip, TikTok user @jet_pack_was_yes came up with a brilliant way to prevent the shower caddy from slipping by using a piece of foam insulation to cover the pipe. 

Since the rubber clips are designed to fit most showerhead pipes, they won't fit all. Finding the right size clip can be time-consuming, especially if you have a thin shower supply pipe. Using foam insulation solves the problem instantly. Home Depot has 6-foot lengths of 3/4-inch Foam Polyethylene Pipe Insulation for just over $2. You'll also need a pair of scissors and a measuring tape.

Fix your slipping shower caddy with foam insulation

Say your farewells to bruised skin and fallen shampoo bottles caused by your shower caddy. Start by measuring the showerhead pipe and cut the foam insulation to size. You want to keep the shower caddy on the pipe to measure the space between the rubber clip and the showerhead. After you cut the foam insulation, slip it over the pipe and ensure it wraps around the entire rod so that it doesn't pop off, and you're done! 

There are a few ways you can customize this hack to use other materials aside from foam insulation. For instance, a pool noodle would make the perfect alternative for the foam insulation. You can purchase Brightly Colored Foam Pool Noodles at Dollar Tree for $1.25, and they have a variety of colors, so you can choose a color to match your bathroom décor instead of settling for black. The process would be the same, except you'd have to cut one side of the pool noodle so that it slips over the pipe. Another superb alternative to foam insulation is using a hose clamp. Home Depot has a 1/2 to 1/4 inch Stainless Steel Hose Clamp for $2.18 — you can effortlessly place it over the pipe and tighten it next to the rubber clip to prevent it from sliding. Moreover, you won't have to measure or cut anything when using a hose clamp.