The Tonal Curtain Trend That You'll See A Lot Of In 2024

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Curtains are a practical home necessity, but that doesn't mean they must fade into the background. In 2023, it seems that humble curtains took a place in the spotlight and became statement pieces in many people's homes. We're still riding a wave of natural patterns, eco-friendly materials, and warm, neutral tones, but are there any emerging curtain trends that will stand out in 2024? Well, regarding window treatments, we can safely say the two-tone curtain is here to stay! 

The two-tone or color-block curtain style is excellent because it's simple, modern, and unique without ever looking dull. The color-blocking effect allows you to mix fresh shades into your palette without going too off the rails and distracting from the rest of your carefully curated space. This trend will work beautifully in any room, giving you plenty of options for decorating with the popular curtain style, and you have many retailers to choose from when selecting your two-tone curtains.

Two-tone curtains are versatile and fun

Two-tone curtains come in a wide range of colors and styles, but they usually consist of a neutral color up top with a bolder color below. The color block often ends about one-quarter to one-third of the way up the length of the fabric. Of course, some two-tone curtains may have a colored strip at the top or through the center. Patterns or embellishments could be involved, but most options on the market feature two solid colors stacked on each other, either in the same fabric or different fabrics, such as linen and velvet. Placing the bolder color on the bottom of the drapes creates a grounded, restful vibe and draws the eye to other furniture pieces, almost like a "conversation pit" effect.

Besides giving the space some much-needed gravity, a two-tone curtain allows you to sync up and summarize the overall color palette. The style can also be an excellent way to deviate from your palette without the fabric appearing too intense or out of place. For example, instead of hanging a bright red curtain in an otherwise beige room, you could choose a peach curtain with a block of red at the bottom. In this case, the peach would soften the stark contrast between the beige and scarlet.

Bring the two-tone curtain trend home

Two-tone curtains won't be too hard to find in the wild, especially as the trend picks up speed. For a lightweight and natural vibe, check out the European Flax Linen & Luster Velvet Curtain at West Elm (pictured above). The BULBUL Black Gold Color Block Window Curtains on Amazon are a great two-tone option for anyone who prefers to block out any light at night. Not so keen on neutrals? The allen + roth 95-in Liliac Color Block Light Filtering Back Tab Single Curtain Panel from Lowe's brings a splash of soft color to any space. You could even try DIY-ing your two-tone curtains by cutting, swapping, and restitching an old set of drapes or dip-dyeing a plain white set!

However you decide to acquire your two-tone curtains, styling them is just as important. If possible, purchase the curtains in an extra-long length and lift your curtain rods high above the window. This will allow the curtain to draw the eye upwards and avoid visually cutting the room short where the two tones meet. You may also want to plan your length to have the line on the curtains match up with another horizontal line in your room, such as the bed height, nightstand height, beadboard border, or windowsill.