Here's How Often You Should Replace Your Bathroom Mats

Bath mats are built to be tough. While not all of them are created equally, you can rest assured that your bath mat will withstand lots of foot traffic and wetness. Even so, your bath mat won't last forever. To that end, how often you replace yours will depend on how much use it's getting, how quality it is, and how you've been caring for it.

Bath mats require regular washing, which will prolong the life of this bathroom accessory. BathPlanet suggests washing your bath mat weekly if your bathroom has steady foot traffic. If you live alone, you can wash the mat less often. Of course, follow the cleaning instructions on your bathmat.

If your bathroom mat seems to stay wet for a long time, you can invest in mats that are made to dry faster or hang the mat, especially after particularly humid showers. Mats by the sink may need fewer washings, but if you have a bathroom rug around your toilet, wash it weekly.

Is it time to replace your bathroom mats?

When your bathroom mats no longer come out of the dryer clean or they start to fall apart, it's time to buy new ones. Apartment Therapy says you should be replacing your bath mats every two years. However, Dr. Dan Allan told Fox 47 News that you should be replacing your bath mats that can't be washed regularly every six months, at least. If your mats don't fit in your machine or are made of a material that doesn't wash well, you'll want to replace them more often. 

Unless you have a huge bathroom, even the mats alongside your tub could be getting gross germs from the toilet on them. Not only are they collecting all the nasty commode germs, but the dampness is a breeding ground all its own. Cut down on these germs by hanging your mats to dry after every shower.