The Hardwood Flooring That Hides Dirt & Gets Away With Fewer Cleanings

Let's face it, cleaning hardwood flooring isn't at the top of the fun-things-to-do list for most people. It takes frequent dusting, vacuuming, and mopping to stay on top of the everyday accumulations of dirt, not to mention balls of pet fur resembling tumbleweeds. So, if you can find a way to put this chore off for a few extra days each week, that can be a welcome respite to a busy cleaning routine. If you're wondering how that can be possible, the answer is in choosing the right floor color — lighter colors, including white oak hardwood floors, don't show dirt as readily in comparison to darker hues.

This is because things like crumbs, spills, and pet fur blend into the color better on lighter-colored floors compared to dark ones like mahogany and ebony. Busy families can take advantage of this flooring feature, but that's not the only benefit of choosing lighter flooring for areas of your home that get frequent use.

Selecting a hardwood color that's right for your home

If you think of oak flooring and immediately envision a golden color, visiting a flooring center can offer an eye-opening experience. While that golden color is still available if you've fallen in love with it, there are many other colors available, ranging from very light grays and almost whites to light shades of brown — the lighter the color, the less dirt will show on it. Flooring pros also recommend satin finishes regardless of the color you select to minimize cleaning. These finishes help camouflage natural wear and tear like scratching and minor dents that happen over time.

Of course, considering the overall aesthetic of your home will help guide your color choice as well. For instance, if you're into a minimalist vibe, light gray might work better whereas a natural light oak looks great with modern farmhouse décor. Some natural wood floors have more of a red or brown tint to them if you like a bit more pigment to contrast with white or beige walls, but a variety of paint colors go with oak wood including many shades of gray and green.

Other benefits of selecting oak hardwood flooring for your home

Beyond the advantage of looking great in many different home styles, lighter oak hardwoods also tend to make spaces seem larger. If you have a small room to renovate, incorporating paler-hued flooring can help to open it up by creating the illusion of spaciousness. Another benefit of selecting oak is its durability. Oak flooring typically lasts for 25 to 30 years, but some specially engineered wood is warranted for even longer so using it in high-traffic areas is not an issue. 

Knowing it is naturally more resistant to liquids can also be an asset in areas like kitchens or anywhere where wet spills might occur more frequently in your home. The natural oils found in oak also work to inhibit mold growth. So, in addition to stretching the time needed between cleanings, oak hardwoods in light colors offer low-maintenance beauty that will last and last.