Why You Should Put A Magnetic Knife Strip Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

A simple magnetic strip is the best way to store your kitchen knives of all sizes because of its lack of any holes, slots, or fastenings. Knife blocks, in particular, are havens for bacteria because they are nearly impossible to clean, and drawers present additional risks of scratching up your blades or getting nicked yourself. Magnetic strip knife storage mitigates nearly all these risks. However, not everyone has sufficient wall space to mount one. If this is the case in your kitchen, try something out of the box and mount the strip to the underside of your cabinets. Suddenly, the unused dead space in your kitchen is being effectively utilized, and it can be used for more than knives too.

Magazine and home design shows love to feature large, open kitchens with oodles of storage space, but some don't live in such homes. For some people, finding creative ways to store items is imperative, and the underside of the cabinetry is a viable option. In a way, it's like adding a shelf to your upper cabinets, only the shelf is outside the structure and inverted. Still, with the proper materials, like a magnetic knife rack, it can be a highly effective storage solution.

Storing knives under the cabinets

By installing a magnetic knife strip under your kitchen cabinets, you can keep your knives both safely out of the way and within reach. Reaching into drawers or knife boxes blindly often results in accidentally nicking your hand, which not only hurts and can be dangerous but also contaminates your knife with blood. Needless to say, that scenario should be avoided. Conversely, if your knives are mounted on a magnetic strip, they are firmly held in place. In other words, there's no chance you're going to rub against the blade of one while searching for another. Plus, you'll also be adding more storage to your kitchen.

When mounting your knives, place them on the strip with their handles facing outward so you can just reach up and grab them off. This also allows you to easily identify which knife you're looking for, as different knife types usually have slightly different variations in handle size and shape. Moreover, they're going to be up and out of the way, out of sight but not inaccessible. It's possible that even if you do have wall space for a magnetic strip, an under-the-cabinet placement might be the objectively better choice for your knives.

Other things to store on a magnetic knife strip

The great thing about magnetic knife strips is that they're essentially just a magnetized piece of metal and can, therefore, hold all sorts of other metal items. From paper towel holders to mixer attachments and almost everything in between, you can make excellent use of the space under your cabinets with a magnetic knife strip.

One of the best ways to utilize an under-cabinet magnetic strip is to purchase spice jars with metal caps. Fill them with your most used spices, twist on the cap, and stick them right to the underside of your cabinets closest to your stove. Pull them off to use, then stick them right back into place when you're done. This frees up counter or cabinet space usually taken up by an overwhelming array of spices and spice racks you can rarely sift through to find what you're looking for, and puts them all in your line of sight while cooking and needing them. Plus, since ground spices lose their potency after six months, you want to only keep a small amount on hand anyway. Do away with your giant jars of turmeric and only buy what you can reasonably expect to use in a six-month period, then keep them in the small jars on your magnetic strip. This can save money, waste, and space in your home.