The One Color You Should Never Paint A Ceiling, According To A Feng Shui Expert

Within the realm of feng shui, colors strongly impact what flows to and away from you. Thanks to its connection to water and association with money and wealth, black can attract economic opportunities when used in your home. A staple color, you have many options for incorporating black into your décor, especially in the fall and winter seasons. However, you should steer clear of placing the shade on your ceiling. Feng shui expert Suzanne Roynon also advises against overusing black when decorating as, despite its positive association with affluence, its intense darkness can feel heavy in a space.

"Black ... can trigger heightened emotions," Roynon told the New York Post. "Using it sparingly can help maintain a more harmonious atmosphere." A black ceiling can evoke negative vibes because it represents future troubles hanging above those below it. So, to avoid drawing possible misfortune to your home, you should opt for ceiling hues that reflect light and open the space to create a positive and uplifting environment. Thankfully, if you had your heart set on black, you could include it in your interior designs in other ways to achieve a more balanced outcome.

Better ways to incorporate black

As Suzanne Roynon suggested, you can spread black around your house in smaller doses. Rather than using the shade on your ceiling, consider adding it to a door, accent wall, or columns to give it an eye-catching presence without overwhelming the space. For good feng shui, avoid painting your front door black, and make sure the door or wall you choose lies to the north or east. The north is associated with opportunity, while the east is associated with health.

Furniture pieces and accessories like side tables, armchairs, desks, photo frames, lamps, and cushions are other ways to incorporate black. To keep with the principles of feng shui, try to have these small elements in all rooms, with some in pairs. However you add black, ensure you combine it with lighter and more natural colors, such as white or silver, to balance it out. This will maintain a positive, delicate energy in the space and prevent the black from weighing it down.