Here's How You Can Use A Few Serving Spoons To DIY An Effective Bird Feeder

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What do robins, mockingbirds, and bluejays all have in common? They're backyard birds, and watching them can improve your mood while reducing stress (via But how do you attract more birds to your yard? The answer lies in an amazing DIY spoon bottle feeder, courtesy of DIY for Birds, per YouTube. The beauty of this bird feeder is that it's completely customizable. You can use a clear bottle to gauge how much bird feed you have left, or you can paint it in various colors to attract different birds. You can even paint your plastic spoons or look for decorative ones to use. 

Aside from stress relief, there are countless other reasons to welcome native birds to your property. For starters, they offer natural pest control and encourage pollination in your garden. Other benefits of a bird feeder include natural, organic weed control. Birds love to eat seeds from weeds, which means they can prevent the cycle of invasive grass before it overtakes your lawn. And thanks to this incredible DIY bird feeder hack, you can attract more birds to your garden and enjoy a bespoke project. 

Grab a plastic bottle, spoons, and a plate

To carry out this creative YouTube hack, start by gathering your materials. You'll need three plastic spoons, a medium-sized plastic bottle, such as an empty Coca-Cola bottle, a plastic plate, a screw, glue, and birdseed. You'll need your spoons to be deep enough to hold bird food without it spilling out, and Japanese soup spoons have the depth and width to make this hack a success. You can purchase four of them on Amazon for less than $7, at the time of writing. You can also purchase a plastic plate at Target for $0.50. If you have an old plastic plate, you can repurpose it, keeping waste out of landfills. 

Begin by marking the bottom half of your bottle with a black Sharpie. You want to draw three half-inch lines, all equally spaced and staggered around the bottle. Use a paring knife and cut along each mark, ensuring the opening is wide enough to accommodate your spoon handle. As you're doing this, you may want to wear leather gloves to avoid getting cut. Next, insert the first spoon. Check to see where its handle lines up inside your bottle and cut an exit hole for it. Repeat this step for all three ladles, gluing each handle in place. Then take your plastic plate and screw it into the bottom of your bird feeder. All you have to do is add birdseed, return the cap, and hang it from a tree or place it on a table. Native birds will flock to your yard!