The Secret To Keeping Your Cat Out Of Your Houseplants For Good

If you're a cat parent, you know how mischievous these adorable furry friends can be when left to their own devices. Your houseplants may have also fallen victim to your cat's curious and somewhat devious nature. Cats are often drawn to playing with houseplants due to their innate instincts and sensory stimulation. The rustling leaves and dangling branches of plants mimic prey, triggering a cat's hunting instincts. Cats may also be attracted to the textures of plants, as their paws are highly sensitive, and exploring different surfaces is a natural behavior. Additionally, the aroma of certain plants can be appealing to cats, making them curious and likely to engage with the vegetation. If you're looking for a solution to deterring your cat from your precious greenery, look no further than faux moss rocks.

Faux moss rocks are artificial, decorative rocks designed to mimic the appearance of real moss-covered stones. Crafted from materials like foam or resin, they offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to natural moss. They add a touch of nature to indoor spaces while discouraging cats from playing in houseplants by offering an unappealing texture and taste. Cats, known for their sensitivity, are less likely to engage with artificial rocks due to the unpleasant sensation, deterring them from interacting with the plants and minimizing the risk of damage or ingestion of toxic materials. So, if you have a keen kitten, it may be time to invest in this solution to deter cats from destroying your houseplants.

How to install faux moss rocks

Once you've purchased your faux moss rocks to prevent your cats from playing in your houseplants, you're ready to set it up. Place the rocks strategically around the base of each plant, ensuring they sit securely and blend seamlessly with the surrounding decor. Consider arranging them in a natural, irregular pattern to mimic the randomness of real moss-covered stones. The irregular arrangement may also help deter your cats as it provides an unstable surface.

Before placement, clean the area around the plant to remove any debris or loose soil. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the installation but also prevents dirt from accumulating on the faux moss rocks over time. You'll also want to be sure that the rocks cover all of the soil, as cats sometimes are attracted to the dirt as an alternative litter box.

Regularly dust or wipe the faux moss rocks to maintain their realistic appearance and prevent them from collecting dust or debris. When it is time to water your plants, gently lift or move the rocks aside before watering, allowing water to reach the soil directly. Replace the rocks afterward. The rocks may also work as mulch, helping to keep the soil moist, so you may need to use a hydrometer to determine whether or not your plants are thirsty and develop a new watering routine.

Where to buy faux moss rocks

With the rise of magical fairy gardens and decorating whimsical scenes around houseplants, faux moss rocks have become much easier to find and purchase. If you're looking for a quick and easy solution, Amazon is a simple place to start. While there are ample choices to select from, Amazon's preferred option, by TecUnite, comes with 20 pieces made from foam in three different sizes. They are available on Prime and will cost you $17.99, a median price for the wide array of choices provided by the Amazon store.

If you prefer buying your supplies in person, you can head on over to your local Walmart. Like Amazon, Walmart offers an array of options, with even more available if you purchase online. For $18.49, you can pick up a 24-piece set that is also made from foam but provides six different sizes.

For those interested in supporting small businesses, you can pop over to Etsy for a range of prices and selections. Etsy seems to offer even more realistic options as opposed to the mass-produced sets provided by Amazon and Walmart. Floralsupplyshop, boasting a five-star review, has a 12-piece set of quite realistic-looking faux moss rocks made from foam for $11.99. This set offers three different sizes and provides a far superior appearance in texture than the other options.