Why A Wall Hung Toilet Might Be Right For Your Bathroom

When shopping for bathroom fixtures, it's really fun to look at the various types of sinks and bathtubs out there. You can find vessel sinks in unique shapes and materials, and modern tubs that can give you a spa experience right in your home. Toilets are another key bathroom fixture but shopping for them may not seem as fun because they feel so standard, however, they also come in different styles and can significantly impact your bathroom experience. A wall-hung toilet is one style that might be right for your bathroom because of its sleek, floating appearance and its practicality.

There are three main toilet styles you're likely to come across when shopping. Close-coupled toilets are the typical image that comes to mind of a toilet. They are attached to the ground with a tank or cistern on top that facilitates the flush. Wall-hung toilets float off the ground and are attached only to the wall with the tank installed in the wall, usually with a more discreet flush system. Back-to-wall toilets are like a mix of the two. They are attached to the wall and the ground with hidden tanks. Wall-hung toilets are mainly defined by their floating setup, which is a great choice for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

The practicality

A wall-hung toilet, also known as a wall-mounted toilet or floating toilet, is a highly practical choice if your bathroom has limited space. By storing the tank away in the wall and leaving the space under the toilet free, a wall-hung toilet can reclaim a bit of space and make the bathroom feel more open. The tanks themselves also don't need to take up a lot of space in the wall.

This style of toilet is also great because it is customizable, according to this TikTok. The height that you set it at during installation is up to you, which allows you to choose what is most ideal for you and anyone else using the toilet. Something to note is that wall-hung toilets tend to be more expensive than traditional floor-mounted toilets, from the materials to the installation. It's highly recommended that you invest in hiring a professional because it will ensure that your toilet is comfortable, sturdy, and safe to use.

The aesthetics

Wall-hung toilets often have a sleek and modern appearance, making them a great choice if you have a contemporary or minimalist bathroom style. They come in various designs and finishes, offering flexibility in matching your bathroom d├ęcor and the chance to save as much space as you can. They come in boxy shapes with sharp edges, but can also be round with smooth curves. They also take away the traditional flush handle and offer stylish, inconspicuous flush plates that are also access points to the tank.

Because they float off the floor, wall-hung toilets make cleaning easier and more practical because you can actually clean the area properly. They have no visible tanks or bottom parts to connect them to the ground, which leaves out fewer parts for dirt and dust to gather and fewer crevices for mold to develop in, per TikTok. This means less cleaning for you and makes it easier to maintain a clean and visually appealing bathroom.