The Married To Real Estate-Inspired DIY That'll Bring Boho Vibes Into Your Kitchen

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Bohemian decor is one of a handful of aesthetics that seem to never truly go out of style. When executed successfully, a bit of boho flare can bring much-needed warmth and visual interest to a space that might otherwise feel cold, impersonal, or sterile. The warm wood tones, rattan, soft rugs, macramé elements, vibrant plants, and colorful patterns associated with a boho style can come together to form one of the most welcoming vibes a room or home can offer.

Kitchens, in particular, can pose a design challenge when your goal is to fill your home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With the popularity and functionality of cool, sleek materials like stainless steel and marble in the kitchen, you can easily find yourself with a room that feels a bit standoffish. Egypt Sherrod of "Married to Real Estate" offered a DIY tip for bringing a bit of a warm boho vibe into your kitchen space: coconut shell panels.

Warming up your kitchen with boho coconut shell panels

If your kitchen is mostly white or another cool-toned neutral color, it could likely benefit from a bit of boho. Rather than swapping out all your furniture or accessories, consider taking a page from Egypt Sherrod's book on "Married to Real Estate" and adding some coconut shell panels to the base of your kitchen island. "It works," Sherrod exclaimed in Season 2, Episode 6 (via YouTube), "especially when you're dealing with a very small footprint for a kitchen and you want to bring a high-design element to it." 

Sherrod applied the coconut shell panels to the kick plate of the home's kitchen island to bring in a warm, textured boho vibe. If your kitchen doesn't feature an island, you could apply the panels to another feature, like a small accent wall. Coconut shell panels are sustainable, eco-friendly, and relatively inexpensive. You can purchase panels similar to those used on the show for $29.82 per square foot (sometimes on sale for less than $12 per square foot) at Wayfair.

How to install coconut shell panels

Installing coconut shell panels is a rather simple process. On "Married to Real Estate", Egypt Sherrod applied them to the island's kick plate using a general-purpose, heavy-duty construction adhesive — such as Liquid Nails from Amazon — in a caulk gun. Start by cleaning and drying the surface to which you'll be applying the panels. Then, simply apply a few zigzags of adhesive to the back of each panel, place the panel, and hold firmly to set.

As Sherrod advised on the episode, each panel can be replaced individually. If it becomes damaged in the future, she said "all you have to do is pop it right off and replace it with another one." If you have young children, own pets, or rent the home in question to tenants, this can save you a significant amount of time and money in repair and replacement costs. Either way, an easy way to bring a boho vibe into your kitchen without breaking the bank is a win.