The Office Supply That'll Keep Your Fridge Neat And Organized

Sometimes we have to deal with space limitations in one life domain or another. Maybe we drive a compact car, live in a tiny home, or have lots of groceries we need to fit into our fridge, groceries that are fighting for space. While making room for extra groceries is a good problem to have, it can get worse when we buy in bulk to save money. For instance, getting a ton of bottled beverages in bulk is much cheaper but also creates potential storage issues. But, there is a way to strategically organize your refrigerator and stack bottles and cans in a special way to keep them tidy. If you have large binder clips in your home office, you can attach them to your fridge's shelf to corral those bottles while also making more room for everything else.

When you position 10 bottles or cans standing straight up on a shelf, that takes up a large chunk of valuable refrigerator real estate. With this hack, you'll be recovering a few square inches of space while also creating a neater environment in the fridge. However, note that this hack only works with the wire shelves in your refrigerator.

How to make this hack work

In the example of 10 plastic bottles of water, take advantage of vertical space by placing four of the bottles on their sides. They should be lined up next to one wall, not floating around in the middle of the shelf. Attach three large binder clips to the wire that's closest to the bottles, positioning each clip alongside the top, midpoint, and bottom of the bottles. You'll essentially be creating a little guardrail to prevent a mutiny of rolling bottles. Next, place three bottles over the bottom layer, cover those with two more, and the tenth bottle creates the crown of a pyramid. Congrats — your bottles are now shaped like a cheerleading squad!

This will work with wine or other glass bottles, but because they're significantly heavier, we recommend that you stack fewer, placing two or three at the most on the bottom row and building from there. Using these clips is one of a couple dozen techniques you can use to keep your refrigerator under control, and they're temporary. Move them around whenever your needs change.