Create A Firewood Shed Out Of Leftover Wooden Pallets

Firewood is handy to have throughout the year. You can use it to have bonfires with friends during the summer and fall. Or, feed it to the chimney to keep your home warm all winter. However, having too much firewood can take up space in your backyard, making it look cluttered. Instead of using messy piles, DIY a shed to organize the logs and prevent them from getting wet during the rainy seasons. It's one of the easiest, low-maintenance ways to spruce up your landscaping. TikTok user @thehornyakhome made their firewood shed using wooden pallets and extra planks.

Creating a firewood shed is a perfect way to upcycle wood pallets since they can store up to 4,600 pounds. You only need a few materials to build your firewood shed: wood pallets, cement blocks, corrugated sheet panels, a handsaw, a drill gun, screws, paint, 2x2 wood planks, and 2x4 wood planks. TikTok user @thehornyakhome built a massive firewood shed that used about 12 wood pallets and eight cement blocks. Create your firewood shed based on how many leftover pallets you have at home. Lowe's has wood planks and Home Depot sells concrete blocks for less than $5. Grab a friend to help you complete the project in a day. 

DIYing your own firewood shed

When building your firewood shed, it's vital to set it up where you want it to stay forever so you don't have to worry about moving it or taking it down. To begin, pre-plan how large you want the shed to be, which will depend on how many pallets you have. Lay out your pallets, then place your concrete block underneath each corner. Then, build your walls with other pallets, starting on one end and adding the backside, middle, backside, and the last end. Connect your 2x2 planks to hold the roof and add height. Place a 2x4 plank on each end of the shed for the roof; it'll look like a house.

Before adding the corrugated sheet panels, cut a few pieces of wood and drill them diagonally to the side and base of the shed to secure them. Drill your sheet panels to the roof planks and paint your new shed — or leave it without paint if you like the wood's appearance. Finally, fill it with all of your firewood. The shed is entirely customizable if you have fewer wood pallets available. You can simply follow the same steps. In addition, if you don't want to use metal sheets for the roof, you have the option to utilize any material that will protect your wood from getting wet while weathering the elements, such as plastic.