What To Consider Before Committing To Open Shelving, According To Magnolia

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When it comes to home design, an open-shelving concept provides an aesthetic that seems to stand the test of time. No matter the era, a space adorned with open shelving manages to feel modern and relevant. However, despite its simple and streamlined appearance, it is not the easiest storage solution for those who are concerned with the style of their space. Open shelving is known for being a bit challenging to design and decorate in a way that looks stylish but doesn't disrupt functionality.

Fortunately, design pros like Joanna Gaines of Magnolia have been styling open shelving for long enough to develop a system to determine whether or not the concept is right for you. If you're struggling to choose the best storage option for your kitchen, home office, or other space in your home, check out Magnolia's advice about what to consider before committing to making the choice to utilize open shelving in your home. 

Consider the purpose

According to the Magnolia blog, the first step to deciding whether to choose open shelving for your space is to consider what the purpose of the shelving will be. Are you looking for a heavy-duty storage solution for daily dishes and cookware or simply a way to display your most prized decor and collectibles? How often will the items on the shelves be moved or used?

Deciding on the exact use you have planned for your storage solution can help determine what type of shelves would be required for the job and whether you would like your items out of sight or permanently on display. If you have a house full of people who aren't great at neatly returning things where they belong, for instance, open shelving for frequently used items like dishes might end in frustration with the way your space looks much of the time. Open shelving for simple decor items, on the other hand, is easy to maintain.

Consider the space available

Once you've worked out the purpose of your storage system, Magnolia advises considering the space where you need storage. If space is very limited, open shelving might be easier to fit into the area than closed cabinetry would be. If the space is uniquely shaped, however, you'll want to consider whether there would be an opportunity to decorate your open shelving in a balanced way. If the shape of the space prevents styling your shelves the way you'd like to, closed storage may be a better option.

While open shelving might have the sleek, trendy, styled look you'd like to go for, it's not a choice you want to commit to without making these considerations first. Replacing your shelving with cabinetry later could be very costly. To get started, you can find a set of floating shelves from Amazon for less than $50. Or, try an open-shelf unit from IKEA for $69. As long as your choice of storage solution makes your home feel comfortable, stylish, and comfortable to you, you'll know you've made the right decision.