Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Neat And Organized With The Help Of This Common Dollar Tree Item

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Are you a certified mug lover? Then you know how challenging it can be to stop yourself from buying a new mug every time you walk through Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, or Target. "Just one more," you murmur before taking your purchase home and adding it to your never-ending mug pile. If the mug designs weren't so precious, especially around the holidays, surely you would have a little more self-control. However, we're not here to judge anyone's love for mugs (or their overflowing kitchen cabinets). We're here to make it easier to keep all your beloved treasures in one place. While stacking mugs in a kitchen cabinet helps keep them neat, it can also cause a lot of accidents, putting them at risk of breaking. Instead of stacking, consider organizing your mugs using a paper towel holder from Dollar Tree.

The paper towel holder is a superb multifunctional item that helps save space anywhere. You can use a paper towel holder to store trash bags and make room under the sink. If you have a more cramped kitchen, it's best to consider using minimal space for multiple items. The Dollar Tree hack is genius because it involves hanging the paper towel holder horizontally in your cabinet, allowing it to float mid-air, which won't touch any of your shelving areas. It's a perfect trick to get the most out of your small cabinet space without donating any of your mugs.

Using a paper towel holder to organize mugs

You only need a wire paper towel holder from Dollar Tree and your choice of command hooks from Amazon to organize your kitchen. To complete the hack, wipe down the inside wall of your cabinet and let it dry to ensure the command hook sticks. Install the command hook right below the bottom shelf, with the tip hiding between the top shelf and the wall. Then, place the bottom rings horizontally through the small opening on the hook. You want the smaller ring to hang from the hook to take up less space in the cabinet. Finally, bend the holder slightly upward and slide the mug handles over it. Bending the holder helps support the weight of each mug; it can hold up to three at a time.

When you use this hack in a standard kitchen cabinet, you can install two paper towel holders with one hanging on each side wall. So, you can hang six mugs in mid-air, allowing you to spread the rest of your mugs on the shelves without stacking them. Amazon has Monkey Hooks that also work if you want a permanent solution to hang your paper towel holder. Simply make a small hole in the wall and slip the long side of the hook through it so that it loops to the back. It'll press against the wall for support while the hook supports the holder.