Make The Perfect High-End Looking Tree Collar With This Budget-Friendly DIY

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The perfect holiday tree needs the perfect tree collar. Not only does it hide away the tree reservoir or plastic stand, creating a prettier view under the tree, but it also grounds the tree and makes it look polished and intentional while still allowing plenty of room for gifts underneath. While basic plastic tree rings are a budget-friendly option, more deluxe and decorative tree skirts can be expensive. TikTok user @makeitwithmicah recently showed off an amazing hack for creating a luxe DIY woven tree collar on a budget with materials available from Dollar Tree. Using only a plastic basket and some chunky chenille yarn, she creates a cozy and beautiful textured option for placing around your tree base.

This DIY tree collar is a dead ringer for much more expensive tree collars available from retailers for upwards of $100. Even better, you can create the entire project without having to know how to knit and for well under $10 in total supplies. It's the perfect addition to a Scandinavian, farmhouse, or cottage Christmas décor scheme. 

Creating a woven tree collar

To create your DIY tree collar, you will need a plastic clothes basket, some chunky wide blanket yarn – which is available from Amazon, and a hot glue gun. Begin by cutting the basket around the bottom to remove it with a utility knife. You will also cut a line down the side to easily wrap the collar around the tree. You can remove the rim of the basket or leave it to create a row of trim with the yarn as a finishing touch. When finished preparing the basket, cut strips of large yarn to the length of the vertical supports. Add hot glue along the basket to adhere strips of yarn. When finished, use longer lengths of yarn to weave in and out along the sides working horizontally, securing them as needed with glue. 

While @makeitwithmicah uses ivory yarn, you can do this in any shade that fits your decor, or try multiple festive colors like red and green. This DIY is a project that has many different creative possibilities using different materials, including rope for a more rustic and natural look. You can also cover the framework in jute twine by wrapping the rungs of the basket to cover them. Try a similar technique by interweaving the basket with lace or burlap ribbon.