This Eye-Catching Paint Color Is Perfect For Your Bedroom, According To Jenny Marrs

When choosing the perfect color to paint your bedroom, the amount of options can be overwhelming. You don't want to make the mistake of picking the wrong shade and having to change it to a different one, resulting in a lot of pressure to get it right the first time. With numerous factors like décor, bedding, and furniture to consider, many folks choose the paint color last. However, if you enjoy using the walls as the jumping-off point, Jenny Marrs of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" has a shade to consider. "Dead salmon is currently one of my favorite colors for bedrooms," she shared on her blog.

Jenny chose dead salmon for her former student, Sophia Lacy's, new English-style cottage. Jenny and her husband, Dave, taught Lacy in Sunday school. So, in Season 5's premiere episode of "Fixer to Fabulous," the Marrses renovated Lacy's home and implemented English-inspired elements from her time spent studying abroad. When Jenny got to Lacy's bedroom, she knew painting it a dead salmon shade would give the perfect cozy feel. She stated, "The name is fun, and it lends a soft blush color that is serene and beautiful." Interested in incorporating dead salmon into your own sleeping sanctuary? You have multiple ways of pulling this off.

Paint your entire bedroom with dead salmon

Dead salmon makes an excellent in-between color if you prefer neutral tones, a minimalistic interior, and something other than beige and white. Rather than overpowering it, dead salmon enhances the space with its subtle warmth. You can establish the shade as the room's focal point by using it to paint every wall and decorating with minimal décor. Or you could go for more of a maximalist vibe by mixing in rich tones and embellishments.

Jenny Marrs transformed her former student's bedroom with dead salmon, turning it into a stunning, dreamy, and comfy space. To support her long-time friend's love of reading and coziness, she decorated her bedroom with other neutral tones, such as white and beige, and many books. Plus, Marrs incorporated rattan-style décor around the room, giving it more texture and boosting the warmth. She also added lights on each side of the customized headboard so that Lacy could read at all hours of the night. 

To follow Jenny's example, prioritize making your bedroom a place you want to spend every minute. If a subtle, quiet bedroom with neutral tones doesn't fit your personality, you can incorporate vintage décor to add depth and patterns. Take it further with vintage artwork, floral bedding, and gold décor. In addition, use contrasting colors like green and yellow to enhance the vintage atmosphere.

Add dead salmon accents

Instead of painting your walls all the same color, use dead salmon as an accent throughout the room. Sometimes, when you have the shade all over, it can be challenging to figure out how much decor to put on a wall without making it look cluttered. An accent wall allows you to experiment with new designs. Designers often choose to paint the space behind the bed a different color to make it the room's primary focus. However, you can change up the formula by painting the wall across from the bed instead. Set your dresser and mirror against the wall with a chair in the corner for a cozy space, reserving the walls adjacent to your bed for décor.

If you want to extend the dead salmon color to the rest of your room, use a headboard in a similar blush tone to add a pop of color to the neutral wall behind your bed. From there, you can include fun furniture in complementary shades, such as a navy blue bench, or add a floral printed rug underneath your bed. Try adding smaller embellishments like pillows, gold accents, plants, or attractive light fixtures to round out the space.