If Wreaths Aren't Your Thing, Opt For This Chic Front Door Decor Instead

Decorating for the holiday season is exciting. It gets us into a festive spirit and gives our spaces a new look. Popular decorations like garlands and wreaths have a storied history and are beloved for their delightful fragrance. However, some people are allergic to the terpenes that give pine and fir their scent. Like trees, live wreaths can harbor mold, dust, and pollen. If you can't breathe easy with a live wreath, opt for another equally chic door decoration instead — a woven wall décor piece. 

Artificial wreaths are often swapped for their live counterparts, but the more realistic they look, the higher the price tag. So, decorating on a budget may not permit a top-notch wreath. Luckily, there are still many ways that you can decorate your door this winter. You simply need to crank up the creativity and look for décor possibilities outside of the traditional. TikTok creator Sarah Teresinski of @redeux_style sought to ditch wreaths entirely and used woven discs instead. The result was a stylish, unique door display with a non-traditional holiday color scheme.

Get the look with nontraditional decor

In her video, Sarah Teresinski wanted to skip wreaths and find alternative decorations for her front doors. Because wreaths can be overused and outdated, she chose round woven discs from Africa. Their intricate pattern is stylish and pops against her black doors. Since so many people choose wreaths, Teresinski's design is incredibly unique and likely the only one of its kind on her street. You can get a similar standout look by choosing your own unconventional décor. 

Woven discs and wall plates come in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to customize a decorative door display. Simple rattan discs are great for those who love natural fibers and unaltered elements. Teresinski's discs are chic, but their black radial design may not be festive enough for you. Should you want something more seasonal, look for designs with festive colors and traditional holiday elements, like this one from Made Trade. If you take anything from Teresinski's TikTok, let it be the willingness to step outside the box this holiday season.