Make Your Bathroom Look High-End With A Cheap And Simple Bath Mat Trick

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Consider every time you've ever been in a luxurious bathroom before — how did you act? Chances are that you carefully walked around the room, ensured you kept it clean, and perhaps even spent extra time washing your hands with the freshly-scented soap. It's true, a tidy and luxury-centered bathroom can change how we care for ourselves and our space, so it's important to make our own bathrooms look and feel pleasant. However, designing a glamorous space can get quite pricey, especially if you decide to replace things like the tiles in the shower or the vanity countertops. Luckily, you don't need to have a large budget to make your room feel more grand. If you want to curate a high-end bathroom aesthetic without spending loads of money, try out a simple bath mat layering trick. By placing one mat over the other, you can make your home feel more luxurious.

You may be wondering why this hack is beneficial, and the answer is simple: it adds dimension. Instead of leaving your bath rug looking flat and lifeless, you can give it more interest by using multiple materials, sizes, and colors. Layering floor accessories is a great way to play with both scale and style. Whether your bathroom is small or big, this design hack can create an immediate positive change that adds extra visual impact for you, your family or roommates, and your guests while feeling extra cozy and giving your feet a soft place to stand.

Find your aesthetic and start layering

To layer your rugs like a pro, it's essential to know what aesthetic you're going for. For example, transitional bathrooms fuse traditional and contemporary designs to create an aesthetic that honors both. You may be in a transitional bathroom when the shower is made of glass walls but the backsplash is made from wooden slats. Other aesthetics include modern, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, and beachy styles. Depending on what you (and perhaps your roommate or partner) prefer, there's a plethora of options available. If your bathroom has suffered from plainness all these years, perhaps a combination of unique bath mats will inspire you to go full contemporary, bohemian, or glam depending on what catches your eye.

After deciding on an aesthetic, it's time to conquer the bath mat trick. Start by placing a sufficiently-sized bath mat on the floor, preferably one with tassels or a design that sticks out from underneath. Once you've chosen the right spot, place a smaller and contrasting rug over the other. The bottom mat should still stick out from under the top, while the top rug should add a pop of color. We recommend using contrasting shades like pink and green or blue and yellow, or you could go for more neutral shades like beige and dark brown or white and black. Don't be afraid to experiment with different textures and shades! 

Budget-friendly bath mat options

This simple and affordable bath mat layering hack could be your gateway to the world of interior design. If you're on a tight budget, there are a number of ways to curate your dream aesthetic with this trick without putting a strain on your wallet. For instance, you could purchase Anthropologie's Hand-Tufted Leighton Bath Mat ($58 to $78), which offers a plush surface that's perfect for the out-of-shower experience. This could be used for the top layer, as it would add a soft feel and beautiful color. For the bottom layer, any thin cloth will do, like Target's Antimicrobial Bath Mat ($14). If you prefer something with more character, Wayfair's Dobrinka Bath Rug (around $20 to $50) is another great option that has a unique shape.

Above aesthetics, knowing what practical qualities you want to prioritize in your dream bathroom will keep you from making any unnecessary expenses. For example, you may prefer to use a non-slip bath mat for the bottom layer, like Lands' End Cotton Non-Skid Bath Rug (about $40 to $100). This will prevent you from any potential injuries — which we're more susceptible to in the bathroom, especially when stepping out of a slick shower. No matter what bath mats you choose, this design hack is sure to give your space a personalized look.