Use These Classic Colors To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Just Like HGTV's Jenn Todryk

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Picture this: You're taking out decorations and gathering them around your Christmas tree to start filling it with ornaments. Inside your boxes, you might have a mix of various colored baubles that you've used over the years. If you're looking to create a more uniform look, however, you may be thinking of investing in some new decorations. While you can choose whatever colors you want, you may want to consider following HGTV's "No Demo Reno" star Jenn Todryk's traditional look. In Todry's Instagram reel, she showed all the ornaments she put on her tree, with an overall color scheme of classic red and white. 

You can never go wrong with classic Christmas colors when decorating for the holidays. Todryk complemented her red and white theme with ornaments covered in crystals, different-shaped ornaments, and some with Christmas designs. Here's how you can give your own traditional twist to your Christmas tree using these classic colors.

Don't be afraid to use multiple baubles

When decorating your Christmas tree with red and white ornaments, don't be afraid to go all out. Jenn Todryk used multiple baubles to cover her tree from top to bottom. You can buy ornaments from Target, Big Lots, The Home Depot, and local thrift stores. If you already have basic red and white baubles, add a few in different shapes. For instance, Target has a pack of red and white pinecone ornaments that would look stunning in a green tree and also add some texture. If you don't want to buy pinecone ornaments, DIY them at a low cost. In addition, Target has individual ornaments, such as a glittery house, sequined pomegranates, candy canes, peppermint candies, and more. You can mix and match your favorite ornaments to create a fun red-and-white theme.

However, if you're looking for something more subdued, frosted red sugar berries are striking and will add shine to your Christmas tree; Walmart has them for $1.98. You can stick them directly through one of the tree's branches or intertwine them between a couple. A few other ornaments that would elevate your tree are some with the first initials of every family member in your home. Poinsettia flowers also make excellent ornaments for texture and contrast. Find embellishments that will stand out and give the rest of your décor a cohesive look.

Ornaments for flocked Christmas trees

Red and white Christmas ornaments look magnificent on a green pine tree because they complement each other and stand out. However, if you have a flocked white Christmas tree, you can still decorate it with white baubles just as you would with a traditional evergreen. To help the classic colors truly stand out, you can use textured white ornaments, those with an extra bit of sparkle, red and white ribbon, and even extra large white and red ornaments.

You can pick up red and white striped ribbon to weave through your tree at Joann's for $4. Amazon also has a two-pack of jumbo ornaments in red and white options for $22 that you can intermix with your regular-sized ornaments to add visual appeal. Whatever Christmas ornaments you find will fit perfectly with the classic color theme. Plus, if you don't want to fill your entire tree because you don't have enough embellishments, Todryk never decorates the back half of her tree. So, it'll help keep the front side of your tree looking fuller, and no one will notice the backside.