This Stunning Floral Centerpiece DIY Will Make Your Home Smell Delicious

When looking for the perfect floral centerpiece to display in your home, you may notice that ones you can purchase from the store all have a very similar appearance that may start to look bland. Further, the flowers' scent alone won't fill the room when you walk into it. While the blooms are always gorgeous and the vases sometimes have a bow tied around them to spruce them up, you might want to add another unique element to your arrangement. To give your centerpiece both a distinct look and delicious scent, try incorporating cinnamon stick bundles.

We love this project because it's simple, can elevate any room in the house, and only requires a small amount of basic items. These include thin cinnamon sticks, twine, 20 gauge wire, scissors, a vase, and flowers. You can buy twine at Michaels for $2.99 and 20 gauge wire on Amazon for $5.99. If you already have a pre-made floral arrangement, you could simply add the cinnamon stick bundles to your bouquet. The scent of this spice is often associated with the holiday season, but it's still highly versatile and can be added to any floral arrangement at any time of the year to make your home feel cozy, warm, and inviting.

How to DIY a cinnamon stick floral centerpiece

Start this project by creating the perfect flower arrangement, which you can do by mixing the blooms' colors and textures inside a vase. Decorate your vase with ribbon or pine branches to upgrade its look with color. Then, set your centerpiece aside and make the cinnamon bundles. Wrap two to three cinnamon sticks with twine about four or five times. Cut the two pieces of twine, but keep them a few inches long to make tying easier. Tightly knot the twine to secure the cinnamon sticks together, then cut the twine shorter. 

Next, take a piece of 20 gauge wire and slide about 2 inches of it through the twine so that it's parallel with the cinnamon sticks. Bend the wire over the twine, squeeze the wire together, and wrap the longer wire piece over the shorter end a few times to create a long wire stem. Repeat the steps to make numerous cinnamon stick bundles. Once you have all your bundles ready, place one into the flower arrangement, wrapping the wire around a couple of flowers. You want the wire to stay in place but also be slightly loose to prevent damaging the stems. After the bundle is secure, cut the leftover wire so that it's not sticking out from the arrangement. Add as many cinnamon stick bundles as you'd like, but for the perfect amount of scent, we recommend adding two or three.

An alternative way to use cinnamon in floral arrangements

If you want to take your DIY project further, you can create a cinnamon stick vase for your flowers. To complete this project, you'll need tall, thick cinnamon sticks, a small mason jar, a hot glue gun or rubber band, twine, scissors, ribbon, and natural or faux flowers. First, vertically glue the cinnamon sticks around the mason jar, nestling them next to each other. If you don't have a hot glue gun, wrap a thick rubber band around the jar first, then slide the cinnamon sticks underneath. Wrap a piece of twine around the sticks multiple times and tie it tightly — if you used the rubber band, snip it off once the sticks are secure. Next, make a bow with your ribbon and glue it on top of the twine, or wrap the ribbon around the twine and tie the ends into a bow. Finally, place your flowers inside the vase and display it on your table.

You can switch the flowers out regularly or, if they're faux, keep your favorite ones on display year-round. Once the scent of the sticks eventually disappears, simply add a few drops of cinnamon oil, replace the sticks, or make an entirely-new cinnamon vase. Further, you can experiment with other vase styles or sizes if you want a larger floral arrangement. However, cinnamon sticks can release an oil, so place something like a tray underneath the vase to protect your furniture.