Give Your Living Room A Cozy Christmas Update With Jenn Todryk's Simple Tip

Decorating for the holidays is an exciting way to give your home a seasonal new look. Each year, Christmas decor floods the shelves and takes over home goods stores. Yet, many people report having a holiday decor budget of less than $50. Luckily, the internet is full of stunning DIY Christmas decor and money-saving design tips. Jenn Todryk, design blogger and host of "No Demo Reno," shared one of her favorite ways to give her living room a cozy Christmas update. She opts for interchangeable throw pillow covers instead of buying new pillows. 

Following Todryk's tip makes holiday decorating a breeze. Many of us already have throw pillows in our possessions. Todryk suggests changing their outward appearance to reflect the season. Pillow covers are a cozy way to add festive colors and holiday motifs to your space. They can even pull a room together. So, before you fill your shopping cart with fluffy pillows that you'll need to store in a month, consider Todryk's tip and look for covers instead. 

Jenn Todryk uses festive covers to transform throw pillows

Jenn Todryk shared her design tip via Instagram. In the post, she shares that she has opted for exchangeable pillow covers instead of buying new pillows each time she wants to redecorate. When it comes to holiday decorating, it's an affordable way to, as Todryk says, "change the entire feel of the space." For her couch, Todryk chose three different covers with varying textures and colors. She blended a soft, chunky knit cream-colored cover with a red plaid cover. Then, she tied everything together with a lumbar pillow cover featuring a trio of seasonal gnomes. This simple yet noticeable change was a quick way to inject some holiday spirit into her living room. 

Todryk notes that her tip saves space, too. Because the pillows are reusable, they needn't be stored. They can sit out all year long and change with the seasons. So, once the holidays have passed, she'll only need to stow away a thin cover instead of a bulky pillow. She also saves money because she already has the pillows on hand when it comes time to redecorate. 

How you can get the holiday look

If you want to take Jenn Todryk's tip, run with it! Adding holiday-themed throw pillow covers will easily give your living room a festive feel. Todryk chose covers that spoke to her tastes and wasn't afraid to mix textiles. You don't need to match each cover to nail the look. In fact, mixing patterns in your home decor can be incredibly chic. When choosing what patterns to mix, take advice from Charlotte Lucas of Charlotte Lucas Interior Design, who says, "'s always important to remember to vary the scale of the patterns as well as color and texture."

Todryk's covers may not initially seem similar, but they all share some qualities that contribute to a cohesive yet varied display. She used a plaid design that featured multiple colors. At least one of those colors is also found on the other pillows. The gnome cover borrows the red and white, while the sweater-like cover takes the neutral cream tone. Picking one multicolored pattern and joining it with others that borrow a color will unite your throw pillows while still making room for variation. So play around with patterns and choose the covers that give you a delightful holiday feeling.