Maximize Space In Your Bedroom With Joanna Gaines' Unique Nightstand Idea

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Bedrooms, particularly the area around the bed, often have limited space. This can leave you struggling to find the best nightstand solution that doesn't take up too much room but still allows you a spot to rest all your bedtime essentials. A great alternative to a traditional bedside table is a suspended or hanging nightstand, which does not touch the floor or take up extra room at a low level. Joanna Gaines, known for her stylish transformations on HGTV's "Fixer Upper" and her own Magnolia Network, may have found a great solution by creating an attractive, nature-inspired alternative to conventional nightstands. By driving three holes and some rope through a tree slab lateral cut of wood, Gaines creates an amazingly charming nightstand that hangs from the ceiling. 

The suspension lifts the floating nightstand upward, which can remedy the issue of the floor looking too cluttered. This will make the room feel more spacious even if it's not. Not only is this DIY solution great for rustic, cottage, and farmhouse-style homes, but it can also work in more modern and contemporary spaces as a unique natural and sculptural element. Even better, it's an affordable project to create. Smaller wood slabs are generally budget-friendly, costing anywhere from $10 to $30 at craft stores like Michaels, home retailers, or online venues like Amazon. For larger slabs, look for lumber yards and hardware retailers that sell raw-edged wood.  

Creating a suspended wood slab nightstand

Joanna Gaines describes the easy DIY process to create this unique nightstand on Instagram. To begin, drill three holes in the wooden slab, including one on the left and right sides and another in the center of the back. Next, string a thick rope through the holes and create large knots underneath each of the holes. To hang, find a stud in the ceiling and use a screw-in hook or anchor that is appropriate to the total weight of the slab and estimated contents. The weight requirements will be lower if you only plan to use it for a book and a glass of water but higher if you plan to add a lamp or decor. Create a loop at the top where the ropes all join at the same height that allows the slab to hang evenly.

This is a great accent table for any room, including as a stylish side table next to your favorite chair. Try it in a corner of a foyer or entryway as a great spot to hold mail or keys. Create a unique plant stand that you can hang right in front of a sunny window to hold small plants. Smaller ones can also be used as small shelves according to Joanna Gaines on Instagram, " Wood stumps are good for hanging! (Great for bedside tables and vanities w toiletries. Fun over islands, tables, coffee bars for serving and on and on and on)."

Customizing your DIY nightstand

You can also customize your slab to meet your design and functionality needs. While the slab's natural finish is gorgeous and organic, you can also paint your slab a beautiful or bright color, stain it to your desired shade, or add a colored rope for a fun bit of contrast. If you plan to set water glasses or teacups on the surface, add a polyurethane coat to keep the surface safe from liquids or provide a shiny, slick veneer that suits modern or contemporary rooms. 

Using 4 holes and lengths of rope and two attachment hooks at the ceiling, you can modify your round hanging table to create a rectangular one with a vertical cut slab of wood, which works well as a stylish shelf or narrow console table. While this suspended DIY may not work for holding heavier items and may sway if jostled, there are alternatives to get a similar rustic look. If floor space is not an issue, you can also create adorable side tables from full wooden stumps that can bear greater weight loads, making them perfect for sturdy small tables, nightstands, or spots for plants. You can also add cute hairpin legs to a thick slab to create a great mid-century modern style piece.