The TikTok Paper Towel Holder Hack That Has The Internet Divided

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It often feels like there's never enough counter space, and if you have a small kitchen, TikTok can offer plenty of helpful tips and tricks for freeing up room. One hack focuses on wire paper towel holders, explaining that the metal "arm" is designed to hang from your cabinets. The trend also explains that, if you've been placing your dispenser on your counters, you've been doing it all wrong. According to TikTokers @iamquyontae and @kreativeenergy, the arm on a paper towel holder is designed to slide into your cupboards. Once completed, this quick project provides an under-the-cabinet solution for your paper goods and is one of many simple ways to create extra counter space in your kitchen. However, some TikTok comments suggest that this hack isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Although this trick does work, it seems to prevent cabinets from closing all the way. If you have open cabinets, however, then this idea is a slam dunk. But some TikTok comments pointed out the "feet" on the bottom of these paper towel dispensers, explaining that the rack is designed to sit on the counter. Since they're commonly permanently attached, you can't remove them. This doesn't mean the hack doesn't work — it just means that your paper towel dispenser probably wasn't designed to hang beneath your shelves. If this TikTok trick still intrigues you, then definitely give it a try. Just be mindful of certain drawbacks. 

You might scratch your cabinets

One concern with this TikTok trend is damage to your cabinets, especially if you're heavy-handed and slam them shut. You may potentially scratch the wood or leave permanent gouges. If you're a renter, this can become problematic when you look to collect your security deposit. To prevent this issue, you could cushion the bottom of your paper towel holder with foam tape. You can find it on Amazon for less than $8, making this an affordable DIY project. However, this tape adds another layer to your paper towel holder, which means your cabinet doors will stick out even further. 

If you're unsure about this trick and want to try it without investing much money, Walmart sells wire paper towel holders for under $4 — just be sure you purchase the kind with a metal arm. Should you find that inserting this holder in your cabinets proves ineffective, you can still attach it to the underside of the cabinets. Using screws or double-sided tape, secure the metal arm in place. You'll have a modified version of this hack that allows your cupboards to close completely, but be mindful if you're a renter and plan on drilling holes. Should you try the modified version of this hack, remember to flip your paper towel holder over so its base faces away from your cabinet doors. If you still find that this hack isn't for you, there are always countless ways to repurpose a paper towel holder elsewhere around the house.