The Clever Bed Riser Hack That'll Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree Look Taller

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Artificial Christmas tree prices range from affordable to outrageous, and something as simple as a one-foot height difference can be what tips the price scale. If you can't upgrade to the next size up but want a taller tree, or if you're happy with your current tree's width and just want some extra height, there's a nifty trick you can take advantage from to make it taller. All you need, at a minimum, is a set of bed risers to make your tree sit taller, but you can get creative and use a decorative tree collar to hide the risers.

The cost of this project will depend on the materials you choose. You can get a 4-pack of risers as low as $4 on Amazon, and tree collars typically start around $30, though you can get creative with items around your home to save some money or look for cheaper options at dollar tree and thrift stores. However expensive you choose to make this project, it will likely save you more money than upgrading your tree would.

Raise the tree instead of your bed

Used under a low-lying bed frame, bed risers maximize storage space, but you can also use them to raise your tree to add some height, visually, or create more space underneath for presents. A set of four risers should be enough. Place one on each tree leg — if it has four — or put one in the center if the tree only has three. Bed risers come in different heights, so be sure to take some measurements before you buy them to get the size you need. If buying bed risers isn't ideal, try using bricks, boxes, or books that you already have at home, so long as it will be a sturdy and stable solution.

Once the tree is raised, cover it up with a tree collar. Get creative with this part to allow it to match the rest of your decor. You can use a basket or play around with the draping of a tree skirt to make it look just so. If your tree will be surrounded by presents soon enough, you may not have to put as much thought into this part.