The Gorgeous Scratch-Resistant Flooring Jenny Marrs Has In Her Home

When it comes time to choose a variety of wood for hardwood floors, aesthetics and functionality are both factors to consider. While certain wood varieties can complement a number of design types, others are generally tied to specific styles like traditional or colonial. Wood variety is not the only consideration — each type offers different options for finish ranging from high gloss to matte, as well as a spectrum of wood stain shades. According to HGTV's Jenny Marrs, however, there is one kind of wood flooring that not only complements a number of styles and aesthetics but is also one of the most durable. A matte oak floor, which Marrs gushed over in a recent remodel on "Fixer to Fabulous" while confirming its presence in her own home, resists and camouflages many scratches, dents, and imperfections that can befall floors in a busy home. 

In a recent remodel, Marrs kept the home's original all-over non-glossy wood oak, but refinished it with a slightly cooler, blonder finish that shows off the wood to its best advantage. Carrying throughout the home, these gorgeous flows go a long way toward creating the charming modern farmhouse look the homeowners desired.

The benefits of matte-finished oak

Jenny and Dave Marrs have said matte oak floors are one of the best materials to minimize the appearance of scratches, dings, and other damage. According to their blog, "The floor in the living room, and throughout the entire house, is a non-glossy white oak. It's the same flooring I have at home, and it's great for kids and animals because it holds up really well against scratches." Unlike extremely glossy floors that refract light, the matte finish subtly blends imperfections into the wood itself. It also shows fewer blemishes due to being lighter but it's also deep enough to hide dirt that may plague lighter wood floors. Matte oak also works really well in all kinds of rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Matte finish floors are also beautiful to look at. This subtle finish allows the eye to fully see the rich color and grain, particularly on larger plank-sized floors. This makes matte oak a great choice if you plan to make your wood flooring one of the dominant features or elements in your room.

Getting the look

A great way to use Jenny Marrs' favorite wood is to choose matte oak flooring in a finish that suits your home decor style. As flooring material, oak falls in the mid-price range at around $6 to $7 per square foot, making it more expensive than pine but much less expensive than walnut or mahogany. While wood stains vary, a neutral shade with golden undertones fits a variety of design aesthetics. If you prefer to use a wood laminate instead of real wood in areas that may suffer from excess moisture, you can get laminates with the look of matte oak for about $4 to $10 per square foot. 

The medium-light finish of oak is also adaptable and pairs well with a variety of other wood finishes on trim or furniture. It can read differently depending on decor styles ranging from farmhouse and coastal to modern and contemporary. Try a light blonde stain for a modern room, or a grayish, white-washed look in a coastal décor space. Lighter finishes complement Scandinavian styles while deeper oak finishes look especially good with a modern farmhouse look, as seen in the home remodeled by Marrs.