13 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Christmas Tree Skirt After The Holidays

According to a 2021 survey by Lombardo Homes, about four in every five Americans consider holiday decorating to be a cherished family tradition. For many, unpacking all the fun décor is the highlight of the holiday season, especially when they finally get to wrap their tree in a lovely tree skirt. Christmas tree skirts are a fun and simple way to round out your holiday decorations and tie the room together, but this isn't the only way they can be used. If you want to declutter your holiday décor before putting it away, your tree skirts might be the perfect place to start, as they can be used in a number of ways that don't involve the Christmas tree at all.

When considering what to do with tree skirts that aren't your favorite, are too worn-down, or simply aren't used for their intended purpose enough, the thought might cross your mind to turn them into wearable skirts or capes. However, there are also plenty of ways to use them around your home instead. As it turns out, this round piece of fabric may be useful for much more than just collecting dust in the attic. From household essentials to pet-friendly projects and adorable décor, here are 13 useful and creative ways to repurpose your Christmas tree skirt after the holidays. 

1. Use as a small tablecloth

While they may not be large enough to cover a full-sized dining table, tree skirts are usually the perfect size for decorating side tables, including ones indoors or on patios and porches. Plus, the handy hole in the middle is the perfect place to put a potted plant so it doesn't stain the fabric of the skirt. You could also place a lamp or other decorative item in the middle as well.

2. Make a perfect winter picnic blanket

If you live where winters are relatively mild, turning your old tree skirt into a picnic blanket can help you enjoy the outdoors in style. To make the picnic blanket more functional for snow or wet ground, add a water-resistant backing like waxed canvas and sew a circular patch of fabric over the center hole. Then, place the blanket down and take a seat with some warm drinks.

3. Place underneath your litter box

One easy way to reuse a cheap old tree skirt is to place it under your cat's litter box. Fleece and fuzzy tree skirts are perfect for trapping litter as your feline steps out, which will keep the litter from scattering all around the house. Plus, the rounded shape will allow a large surface area around the litter box to be covered, and you can place the litter box right on top of the center hole. You'll get bonus points if the skirt is machine washable.

4. Fashion an adorable pet bed

Chances are that your pet loves laying on the tree skirt, so why not turn it into a cozy bed that they can enjoy year-round? Start by sewing or fabric gluing a patch over the center hole on two tree skirts. Sew the skirts with the right-sides facing each other, leaving a small opening. Finally, flip the bed right-side out and stuff it with Poly-Fil, which you could purchase from Joann

5. Cushion furniture while moving

Need a use for your old tree skirt that doesn't require any crafty thinking? Simply keep it on hand for protecting new furniture on the drive home or during your next move. You can also pop the tree skirt underneath heavy furniture to slide it across the floor without causing any damage. If you don't have any large furniture to cover while moving, you could also wrap smaller items like dishes or vases in the fabric as well.

6. Sew pretty pillow covers

Turning your old Christmas tree skirt into new holiday pillow covers is an easy and festive idea for next year. Start by folding the tree skirt in half, then cut out two layers to fit decorative pillows you already own, leaving some room for seam allowance. Sew the squares right-sides together on three of the sides, then flip the right-sides out and pop them over your pillows. You can then either sew the final side closed for a permanent cover or add buttons or a zipper so it can easily be removed.

7. Protect your plants from frost

Just because the holiday season has ended doesn't mean that winter is over. Instead of packing away your old tree skirt, drape it over your outdoor plants. As long as the fabric remains dry, it will keep plants safe from frost until spring. Plus, if you leave the opening in the tree skirt, you can easily water plants through the hole without having to remove the fabric.

8. Build a fun play tent

If your tree skirt is extra large, you can easily turn it into a tepee-style play tent for kids to enjoy. To do this, lean three to four long dowel rods together, tie them at the top, and then wrap the tree skirt around the frame and secure it with a safety pin or needle and thread. The slit in the tree skirt will make a convenient doorway for your kids to enter and exit from.

9. Make a saucer chair cover

Saucer and papasan chairs can be tricky to restyle, but a soft velvet or faux fur tree skirt is the perfect shape to cover your old fabric and give the chair a fresh new look. Simply sew the skirt slit closed and drape it over the chair. You could also cover the middle hole with additional fabric. For a more permanent change, stitch the tree skirt right onto the chair's cushion.

10. Create a DIY door snake

The weather outside stays frightful long after the holidays are over. If you need to control chilly indoor drafts, consider turning your old tree skirt into a DIY door snake. Cut out two strips of fabric that are both a little longer than your door, then sew them together and stuff with Poly-Fil or more scrap pieces from your tree skirt. Finally, push the door snake underneath your door to keep cold air from passing through rooms.

11. Turn it into next year's stockings

It's never too early to start planning next year's decorations. Before you put everything away, turn your old tree skirt into new Christmas stockings. This is a great idea if you love the skirt pattern but it's stained or damaged in one place or you simply have too many skirts. To complete this project, fold your skirt in half with the front facing inwards and create an outline of a stocking, then cut it out and sew along the edges, leaving an opening at the top. Finally, flip it right-side out and add any additional adornments.

12. Sew helpful potholders

Turning your tree skirt into something useful is a great way to enjoy the unique fabric year-round. Pick up some insulated lining and follow a simple sewing guide to transform your old cotton or linen tree skirt into oven mitts and potholders. You'll follow the same steps as you did when making a stocking, but the shape will resemble an oven mitt or a square potholder instead. You can also sew on a loop of ribbon or string so they can be hung. Matching handmade sets would make great gifts for friends and neighbors. 

13. Cut dusting rags

If all else fails, an old tree skirt can easily be cut into cleaning rags, especially if it's made out of an absorbent cotton, linen, or fleece material. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut each layer of the tree skirt into small handheld squares, then stack them up for later use. Of course, the best tree skirts to use for this project are those that are machine washable, so you can reuse the rags over and over again. These versatile skirt scraps are great for brushing stains onto raw wood projects, too.