DIY An Elegant Christmas Tree Skirt Without Needing Any Sewing Skills

Wrapping a skirt around the base of your Christmas tree finishes the look of your beautiful holiday decorations, but often, making your own is a hassle. If you're looking for an easy way to create a DIY tree skirt without having to sew, tulle could be the perfect solution. With just a few yards of tulle fabric and either small elastic bands or ribbon, you can make a layered, feathery skirt for your tree. 

This project is extremely customizable, as you could choose just one color for your fabric, alternate between two colors, or use several different styles and colors of tulle. Matte, shiny, and glitter tulles can be used to achieve your perfect aesthetic, or you may be able to find fabrics with holiday designs for a more glamorous look. When using tulle near your Christmas tree, keep it away from your string lights. If the lights get hot, tulle touching them could pose a fire risk. Additionally, you could look for flame-retardant fabrics.

How to DIY a tulle Christmas tree skirt

If you're only using one color of tulle, start by rolling out the fabric. Then, neatly bunch up the tulle by holding the end and pulling the fabric toward you. When the bundle is as thick as you'd like, tie one end of the bunch together with a small rubber band or elastic hair tie. Repeat this process several times, always tying your bundles on the same side of the fabric until you have enough to wrap around the base of your tree. Once you place the skirt around your Christmas tree, use another elastic to tie the two ends of your skirt together. This will ensure the skirt does not come loose and is even around the entire tree.

For skirts with multiple colors, cut a length of ribbon that corresponds with the circumference of the base of your tree. Lay the ribbon flat and cut your tulle to be double the length you'd like it to be when finished. Now, tie your tulle around the ribbon in a slip knot so that the two ends of the tulle come together to form the bottom of the skirt. Repeat this with your different colors until you've reached the end of your ribbon. The skirt should resemble a tutu and can be tied around the bottom of your Christmas tree.

More tips for creating a DIY Christmas tree skirt

If you prefer a more ethereal or flowing look, you can lay your fabric over the bottom layer of tree branches. Cut the tulle into strips of the length you'd like your Christmas tree skirt to be and carefully hang them on the branches. They could also be secured with garland ties or by loosely knotting the fabric around the branches. While this method gives a different aesthetic, it poses more risk of the tulle touching your Christmas lights. For this method, try using a light, fire-resistant tulle fabric, such as this Flame Resistant American Tulle from Pacific Trimmings, starting at $4.

If you're not sure where to look for tulle, Joann Fabrics has several color and style options that will work great for Christmas decor. For example, you could go for something simple like this basic shiny tulle or matte tulle in green or red for $2 per yard at Joann's, or you might try something more festive like gold Christmas glitter tulle or silver tulle with Christmas symbols — each at Joann's for $3. However you decide to style your tree skirt, these no-sew tulle methods are quick and easy to make, and they won't break the bank.